2 New Custom Templates Released!

I’m very excited to announce to everyone that 2 new templates, are immediately available for app building. Custom1 and Custom2 templates represent a nice fit and finish release for iBuildApp with improvements to feel and look as well as better functionality.

This theme would be great for people whom want to create a tutorial app, or just a powerful mobile app. Very easy to use, and the pages could be launched straight off of Main page. No custom coding needed in order for this to operate.

That’s it for this month.

Here are screenshots of these templates in the new release:





Nice! Thanks for all your hard work – cool templates!

These are really great. Thanx for continuing to add new items.


why does send photo not work?

I guess it doesn’t work because you are asking this question in a blog instead of ticket system. last time I checked it worked but it requires you as an app builder to insert your email in it and I am not gonna discuss your issues in the blog, sorry

I used the Custom1 template with my very first app. Thumbwind. Very powerful. Blew me away with the capability offered.

using custom1 which is brilliant – quick question – in the preview the width is off – only showing 3/4 of width – is this a bug or will it resolve with live testing? Just wanted to get it right before going through approval process. Thanks

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