7 Scrumptious Restaurant Mobile Apps

Sleek designs, pictures of bright, fresh dishes and a showcase of hot weekend deals. Making a mobile app for your restaurant gives you the chance to connect with customers on a whole new level, and some restaurants around the world have created apps that transcend traditional mobile apps.

There’s no better time to get the word out about your restaurant than now. Take a look around and notice that everyone is on their phones. It’s your turn to connect with these individuals.

Take a look at these professional mobile apps designed straight from the iBuildApp website. iBuildApp is proud to display these apps as examples of what your restaurant can do in the mobile world. Take notes and pick out the attributes that you find most appealing. You might just find a thing or two that your mobile app is missing.

Without further ado, here are some of the best restaurant mobile apps online.


Gandolfo’s brings branding and style together in one punch with its sleek mobile app designed to push people to the menu and make reservations. The app includes tantalizing photos of meals and a wonderful landing page that shows a logo, pictures of food and text telling people when they can come in for a meal. The app also offers a map so people can drive to the restaurant. Find the quick Call Us button if you want to make a reservation from your phone.

G n’ S Cafe

G n’ S Cafe incorporates everything you need in order to engage your customers. It starts with a landing page that features a fresh cup of hot coffee, followed by some easy links for people to checkout the menu or call the restaurant. The restaurant mobile app also includes a fan wall and Facebook page for future engagement and specials.


Connecting with customers emotionally is key, and Atenas uses its mobile app perfectly in this sense. The app displays a nice logo and photo of the restaurant to give customers a general idea about what they can expect. The restaurant differentiates itself by offering a promotional video inside the app. This portrays the environment, service and food that people can expect when sitting down for a meal. The app also includes large, bright photos on its menu and a nice About page with photos of the managers.

Romeo Garden Restaurant

Romeo Garden Restaurant portrays color and culture to get customers through the Greek restaurant’s doors. They realize that people come to the restaurant for both food and music, so the mobile app explains that immediately on the About Us and Music pages. The Directions page provides a nice map for driving, and the photo gallery encapsulates everything that goes into the Romeo dishes.

Nautilos Restaurant

Nautilos Restaurant captures the essence of its delicious food and unique atmosphere by featuring quick links to its drink and food menus on top of a nice photo of the restaurant. Set sail on this app by taking a look at the Google Maps location button. The menu is optimized for mobile devices, and the photo gallery is filled with pictures of the sea-based restaurant.

FARO Bar and Restaurant

Sometimes simplicity works to your advantage, and FARO Bar and Restaurant knows how to show people what they offer within seconds. The mobile app provides a classy red setting with beautiful fruit and dinnerware. It also includes few buttons, making it easy for customers to make a decision. Click to make a reservation or look up the menu offerings. Once you decide on FARO, go to the Directions page to drive on over.

White Lotus

White Lotus receives a gold star for offering just about everything you need in a restaurant mobile app. The sushi restaurant starts with three large buttons directing people to the Menu, Reservations and an About page. Each menu item includes pricing, a description and a beautiful image of the dish. The Call Us and Location buttons at the bottom are perfectly placed for easy reservations.

How do you like the apps on this list? Let us know if you notice any other great restaurant apps in the iBuildApp store, and good luck getting people through your doors with a sleek restaurant mobile app.



Before people visit a restaurant it’s very likely they’ll want to know what kind of food it has to offer. Therefore restaurants need to make it easy to access their menu and these mobile apps achieved this goal. Ability to book a table or pay is also an added bonus.

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