Newsletter - January, 2011

iPhone App Community and Templates Launched by

iBuildApp provides a new approach to building applications for the iPhone and iPad. Build an app online, free, with no coding skills needed. Our new online community is a place to share information about building apps.

We've added five new templates and an online community to our self-serve web platform. The templates make it easy for anyone to build their own iPhone app online, free, with no coding required. Build a mobile app to promote any product, service, or brand.

The new online community helps people find and share tips and tricks related to apps. Members can post their project requests, share designs, and leave reviews. The beta for community can be seen here:

This YouTube video demonstrates how easy it is to build an app with iBuildApp:

“Creating a mobile app with iBuildapp is absolutely free. You can have an app published within minutes. The Publication Tool allows individuals, businesses and corporations to create customize apps and manage their own iPhone/iPad Applications online,” said Rafael Soultanov.

Here are five new templates developed by iBuildApp:

Small Business
The small business app template helps businesses reach customers on the go. Make a mobile version of a web site with up to 8 pages including “tap-to-call” or email, directions, about and “contact us” pages.
The musician app template has up to 9 pages to promote musicians and bands. Features include a music gallery, list of tours, photo gallery, blog entries, and Twitter posts.
The e-book template makes books mobile. Create up to 5 pages to promote an e-book with an author page, blog RSS feed, and a way for readers to connect on social media web sites.
Photo Gallery
The template provides easy interface to share photos and videos with entire world. It supports up to 6 pages including Home page, photo gallery, blogs entries, and contact us.
The healthcare template supports up to 6 pages to promote a doctor’s office or other healthcare professional.

iBuildApp will continue to expand their platform for online publishing options for Newspapers, Magazines, Books, and Self-Publishing.

To build your own iPhone app, visit, register for a free account, login, and then click "New Application" from your control panel. Then follow the onscreen instructions.

iBuildApp submits to the iTunes store (for a fee) and is supported by the iPhone and iTouch. Future releases will include support for Android and Blackberry.

  • No startup costs. No subscription costs. Create, Publish and Manage your application for FREE!
  • No installation is required.
  • Reduced development timelines. iBuildApp enables empowered content experts to quickly build their own applications independently of application development team schedules.
  • Intuitive interface gives anyone the ability to design and deploy professional iPhone Applications. Hiring a development team to create even simple iPhone application will cost you thousands of dollars. iBuildApp automates the complex processes of app creation. You don’t even need a Mac.
  • Improved time-to-market. iBuildApp is the perfect system for getting into the Appstore quickly even if you have no experience.
  • Greater experimentation with new features and functionality to promote innovative new applications. iBuildApp includes features such as Native Photo Galleries, RSS feeds, Tap-to-call and tap-to-email feature, and much more.
  • Full Control – update/ refresh your content on demand, publish and truck status of your applications.
  • ✓ Coming soon: build one App for iPhone, iPod and Android Platforms

" iPhone apps are the new web sites. They are the perfect marketing tool. Your customers get information about your business quickly while they’re on the go. Then they can stop by your store, or click to call or email you. It takes just minutes to set up a custom app and it’s free with iBuildApp. "