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Today we got a very interesting email so I decided to share it with our community.
the client was from india but we have app builders all over the world with half of them from US.
Hi, Your site is by far the best app design place for any not so Techy person. A great place for business owners as well. Now I made this app as a sample for a local business here and am confident of selling it in about $400 to that local business in India ($350-$500 max someone here will pay if its a local business and not a state or national level business) (Right now only android and no i-phone as the setup fee is high). So after getting his website done in about $150-$200, I make a very good take home amount thanks to this platform. I am really thankful to you for providing such a great platform. …………
I again reiterate that your site is actually very amazing and fantastic place to be in and make money. The best so far for I have seen for app development.


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I will agree with the comments made above and if this post was highlighted because of the introduction of paying to have the iBuild Branding Removed from apps, I would say it was always on the cards and anyone who thought a free app building platform like iBuild could continue to be free is a little bit delusional.

What I would say in defense of iBuild and I have this argument a lot with the battle between Xbox Live which is about £50 per year and PS3 online service which is free, I would say just look at the difference in quality and features. Xbox Live for me simply blows the PS3 online out the water.

What has this got to do with iBuild? Well its simple; if we want iBuild to continue to be the best platform for non tech people iBuild will need to keep pumping money into the service and being a web developer for 15 years it doesn’t come cheap providing control panels with all these features and server cost, developers etc.

I am actually glad iBuild have introduced fees as I hope this money will be pumped back into the business to make it even better than it is now. Because of iBuild I have also been able to change direction from boring web development to now building mobile apps and that is all thanks to iBuild.

Keep up the good work!

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yep, thank you Las for your words.
actually we are hiring lots of developers per our promise and planning to increase the level of service including functionality dramatically.
we are going to introduce $9.99 per month for all html5/iPhone/Android apps if your downloads over 500.
otherwise it’s free.
if you paid $50 to remove your iBuildApp label you can pay another $50 and get one year of iBuildApp business account for free including professional support of a few engineers.

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Wow, You have made my day thought this was some kinda of April fools day prank since I saw it so close to this date but glad to of came for myself and see the FEE placed in the Manage App.

I Agree 150% with Mr. Las Oke I build drupal sites and now knowing that there is a fee simply lets me know these guys are for real & should support iBuildapp even further.

iBuildapp is buy far the BEST.. and when you are a developer $175.00 to get an APP into Andriod (Google Play) & iStore is just a steal..

Now I can really get to work & not feel guilty of making these apps & share the profits.

Norman Flecha
(954) 404-8588

How to make an app

I am looking for a good, reliable APP developer in Cheshire, England. We are a design agency who are looking to employ the right person full-time. If you are a programmer who can take APPS from concept to store please drop me a line:- [email protected]

Thanks :-)

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