CEO message: app building is stopped until Wednesday, Oct 12, 8 AM pacific time

hey folks,
I need to notify you that we have put a hold on new app building today for the next 18 hours.
what’s happened is that we have run out of limit to create new catalogs of image folders every time when you are creating new app in our system.
it’s a technical limitation of the unix system and we just realized it tonight by end of the day when noticed that new images can’t be uploaded.
we are planning to redo the folder and catalog infrastructure tonight and resume app building service tomorrow by 7 AM Pacific time (10 AM East Coast time or 15:00 London time).
we become the victims of our own success and have run out of the system capabilities to support the speed of app building (over 40 000 apps build).
Please come back tomorrow day time (california time) or evening in Europe and keep making APPs!
thank you for your support and understanding.


How to make an app

the app building service has resumed today in morning, pacific time (california, USA).
thank you for your patience.
we had 18 hours interruption in our service and glad to continue building apps !

How to make an app


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