Create a Beauty Salon Mobile App to Bring Together Style and Tech

You love your beauty salon business right? Does it frustrate you that instead of styling hair all day you have to focus on marketing, inventory, human resources, customer management and all the other day-to-day activities?

Sure it’s tough sometimes, but one way to connect with customers on a more personal level and cut down on marketing and communications is to create a mobile app that matches the beauty of your shop and hairstyles.

A mobile app for your beauty salon provides ways for dedicated customers to schedule appointments. It also gives you a way to market promotions and interact with those who just loving talking about beauty. Learn about the best practices when it comes to designing your beauty salon mobile app to get well on your way to increasing your customer base.

How Can People Get a Hold of You?

What are customer contact options when people want to get a facial or their nails done? They can open up their browser and search for a salon in the area, or they can open up your mobile app that is already sitting on their homescreen.

With a properly designed app your customers can click a quick button that places your phone number in their phone and starts dialing. Include an Email Us button as well so customers can send you a quick question if they’re in a hurry. The other important tab to include is a Location page. Give customers a map that allows them to immediately GPS your location and go straight to your shop.

Integrate other items such as your website, social media pages and an appointment request page to increase customer interaction and maintain a personal connection with those who have your app. In a sense, you’re providing additional value for those who go out of their way to put your mobile app on their device.

Tell Them About Your Services

Do your customers know what they can expect before they come into your salon? You can bet people might get a little frustrated if they come in expecting a massage and all they can get is a facial. Search engines and small business pages like Yelp don’t always display all of your services at first glance, making people assume that you might offer a service, when in fact you don’t. Get rid of those customers who may bad mouth your company because of a simple communication issue, and grab people who are looking for exactly what you offer.

Show Them the Results of Your Services

You can tell customers all day how beautiful, relaxed or confident your salon will make them feel, but what better way to convince them than by showing pictures of your results. Take photos of your finished products, and share them on your mobile app. Include shots of nails, hair styles, decadent accessories and even the products you carry in your beauty salon.

Customers make beauty decisions based on the environment of your salon as well. Share photos of your friendly staff, and offer pictures or videos of your salon to provide a sense of comfort and beauty on your mobile app.

Specials + Push Notifications = Repeat Customers

What’s one of the best ways to get people back into your salon doors? Specials of course. There’s a good chance you already offer promotions, specials or rewards at your beauty salon, so why not notify customers whenever you release a new one?

Create a Specials or Promotions page on your mobile app, and whenever you update the page it sends all of your customers a notification. This creates urgency for your customers to come in as soon as possible and get their hair done for a special rate. This is also a great way to get people to download your app on their phones. Provide a small value added promotion if they download the app on their device, and advertise the promotion at your salon. When someone pays let them know that they can get something special if they download the mobile app.

Share with us in the comments! If you already have a mobile app for your beauty salon, let everyone know if we missed any benefits in this article. If you haven’t gotten started with your beauty salon mobile app, let us know what’s holding you back.



This app is really amazing..It not only save time but help us to find the best hairstyle also according to your hair type..I just wanna build such kinda app for my latest website

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