eCommerce Functionality is released!

                                    Newsletter – March, 2011

What iBuildApp does?

“Create once, run anywhere” approach will enable organizations to maximize investment of their mobile initiatives.

We provide a web-based platform that any user or company can use to create
personal or business Native app for smartphones.

We provide a tool that any user or organization can use to create, customize and manage their own iPhone/iPad/Android application via online creation engine and host its content in our web CMS.

Our platform, Do It Yourself automated engine for building mobile applications, helps you to create apps using our web interface without programming skills required.

What’s New?

  • E-Commerce Function. Now our customers may sell products directly through their apps!
    Users can browse individual items (with photos, descriptions, and prices), and make purchases via secure PayPal shopping cart.

  • UI Improvements: RSS Feeds got a completely new look: they’re more readable and well formatted now:

Announcing eCommerce Functionality

Now you can easily build native iphone ecommerce applications or quickly integrate eCommerce functionality into your existing app!

Traditional e-shops look good on computer screens, but are difficult to use on modern mobile devices.
iBuildApp presents your shop’s offer to mobile customers simplifying shopping for them.

Launch your mobile shop with ease!

  • Easy configuration – the iPhone app can be skinned any way you like
  • Safe payments – supports PayPal integration.
  • Instant Updates – mobile shop will automatically retrieve information about your products from CMS

The product roadmap for later this year includes the addition of barcode scanning, private sales, and analytics.


  • No startup costs. No subscription costs. No coding required. . Create, Publish and Manage your application for FREE!
  • No installation is required.
  • Intuitive interface gives anyone the ability to design and deploy professional iPhone Applications.
  • Full Control – update/ refresh your content on demand, publish and truck status of your applications.

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