How to Convert Your Facebook Business Page Into a MobileApp

Businesses are looking for such option to Convert Your Facebook Business Page Into an App

At iBuildApp we have always used our resources to bring you the best in mobile app technology. With Facebook as the dominant social media network for businesses, we wanted to give you a solution that Convert Your Facebook Business Page Into a Mobile App within seconds.

The one-click app creator pulls the content from your page after you type in the URL of your Facebook Business page.

Facebook Business Page

What’s the purpose of this new feature? Businesses with Facebook Business page can now reuse their existing Facebook content without any design or programming work. You can use this page as a quick standalone app, connecting with people through their mobile phones and giving them a chance to understand what your business is all about.

This would work particularly well for companies who use Facebook to share deals. You can market the app as a way for people to get exclusive deals, and they can access it on their computers or phones.

Another way to use the Facebook app creator feature is by linking it to your current business mobile app. Let’s say you have a band, and your Facebook page is linked to your current app. Is the Facebook business page optimized for a mobile phone? Facebook is often a bit clunky in terms of its mobile web pages, so this gives you a chance to create a sleek, user-friendly mobile version of your Facebook page.

To get started turning your Facebook page into a mobile app go here.

Facebook business Page

Once you did Convert Your Facebook Business Page Into a Mobile App you have all the options that come along with creating a mobile app from scratch on iBuildApp. You can select a background to make it look more branded, manage the navigation to remove items you don’t use on your Facebook page and edit your logo for further branding capabilities.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

After that, feel free to add a splashscreen or manage your content if you want to change some widgets or add different items.

Let us know in the comments section if you did Convert Your Facebook Business Page Into a Mobile App yet. Let us know if you have any questions about the whole process, and share your thoughts on how else this cool new feature might help your company.


How to make an app


How to make an app

it’s unable to use.
can you describe it step by step?

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