Feature Page is Updated, over 20 new app modules!

the updated Feature Page can be seen at this URL:



Hi! Where are the new modules?

did you try to create an app and change page Function? there is a tutorial how to change page function on FAQ page under Android or iPhone tabs

Thanks Sir Administrator, your answer has been very helpful… :)

I have tried to create new app but nothing new. Any suggestion?

are you asking for a help in blogging post?

Sorry, actually I only responded the above question and still can’t find the new modules you mentioned

read the above posts how to change page function. our system is do it yourself for free or pay for support :) all tutorials on FAQ page plus we have forum with over 6000 posts from its members. read it, search, ask.

Trying out your builder but have an issue. When entering content, text or images, to html pages, it appears that the content is getting cutoff along the right hand margin. When looking at the iPhone simulator, the background color and content area that I’ve selected/input fills about 60% of the screen with a white/blank background around it. Is that just the simulator or is that what I can expect to see upon launching the app? Thanks for any help.

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