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Mobile app builder iBuildApp announces the company was one of 75 companies invited to present at the 22nd bi-annual DEMO Conference. DEMO is world-renowned for launching the most innovative companies in mobile, social media and disruptive technologies. iBuildApp marketplace allows selling custom app templates the same way as free WordPress themes and plugins.

More than 20,000 Free WordPress and Drupal Themes, Plugins and Templates on iBuildApp App Builder.

Create Mobile Apps with your WordPress site. iBuildApp app builder also support Drupal and Joomla themes.

DEMO took place October 2, in San Francisco, California. While at DEMO, iBuildApp demonstrated their online app creator that makes it easy to create mobile apps for Android and iPhone. These Mobile Apps can be created without coding.

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The success of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, has made many people want to build their own free templates, themes and plugins. However, there are many barriers to such WordPress themes, plugins and templates, including the expense. In addition to being expensive, apps take a long time to build, and usually require a software development team.

There are website hosting services such as WordPress and Drupal that make it easier to develop and sell themes, templates and plugins on extension marketplace, but they still require web design or programming skills. The current trend is DIY (do it yourself) app building, of which iBuildApp is at the forefront. iBuildApp provides small and fortune 1000 businesses free and quick way to build and resell free WordPress themes and plugins.

Rafael Soultanov, CEO of iBuildApp, says iBuildApp has removed the technical barriers to entry in the mobile app building world. Using iBuildApp, users can create custom apps and widgets similar to free wordpress themes and plugins. “With this approach we believe our platform is much different than the rest of the “no coding required” or “app building platforms.”

iBuildApp makes it easy to sell free wordpress themes and plugins in its marketplace for free. This allows non-technical app builders to simply drag and drop these custom app themes and plugins into their apps the way wordpress gets popular.

Using the iBuildApp platform, anyone can build and sell free WordPress themes and plugins at Developers and designers can sell their work to other businesses or mobile app builders in the iBuildApp Marketplace at similar to free WordPress themes and plugins

About iBuildApp Android and iPhone App Building Service

iBuildApp is a patent-pending automated mobile app creation and publishing Service. This service allows any business, group or individual to create and publish Android and iPhone app in a matter of minutes. The interface is template-based with widgets to add location (maps), contact us, coupons, video, audio, pictures, RSS, Twitter, Facebook similar to free Drupal and WordPress themes, plugins and templates marketplace.

iBuidApp is a mobile DYI platform for iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5 apps. Since launching in 2010, there have been over 40 million downloads by over 1,500,000 businesses (app builders). There are been over 2,000,000 apps built and over 150,000 apps published on app store. iBuildApp custom widgets and templates are similar to free wordpress themes and plugins.

WordPress and Drupal are the most popular CMS platforms to create and host your website or blog. WordPress CMS has over 100,000 themes and templates and over 4,000 plugins that are specially made for sites powered by WordPress and Drupal. WordPress has over 30% share of the world website market.

WordPress and Drupal are well known of being a very convenient to configure as Content Management Systems (CMS). It was created for bloggers from the beginning but developed into a world best platforms that powered by Wordpess and Drupal templates, plugins and design themes.

free wordpress themes and plugins


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