How to attract users to your app

VentureBeat published a great article on How to attract users to your app and go platinum. Here are the tips we like most that you can take advantage of with no coding required app builder like iBuildApp:
Focus on design and usability
There are over 1 million apps in the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace for consumers to navigate, so how do you know when your app is ready to test the waters? To stand out you not only need to look great, but have an intuitive user interface (UI) and be responsive
Test your app, iterate on it, and test it again
There’s probably no better way to develop a great app than to listen to your users. At the same time, there has to be a balance, as most of the time, users don’t know what they truly want or need until you show it to them. Product testing and soliciting user feedback can make a good product great, and a great product even better. And don’t be afraid if you need to redesign or re-engineer your product; just be sure to move fast when you do.
Check out the rest of the article for the other tips offered by Andreas Bernstrom,



Well, doesn’t matter what still prevent the users download apps. If all these warning messages appearing while users start installing……..Humm! leave the requires alone and remove unnessary warning messages, “IT SHOULD WORK”

We can’t do much about great designs if we don.t have the tools to work with. And here at ibuildapp, these are very limited. How can i make a great UI if all i can work with are buttons and tabs. No transition effects available, no animation capability of any kind? And all the tabs are considered “web views” by apple. Because without internet access our apps won’t work at all. Why can’t there be an option to choose not to have the awesome real time update feature on the count of having a better offline working app?

Sherif, that’s not correct what you are saying but since you are customer of this free tool I will leave it on you. use other tools that charge money and have less capabilities. good luck!

Although I am very grateful for this free tool and service from iBuild – it is definitely best for price – much of what Sherif says IS true; and could be viewed as pointers for improvement and competitiveness. ;)

Again, thanks for a great service so far.

Yes I agree with Sherif & Robert. The ibuild is great for a limited amount of capabilities, but there are a few things especially around the UI which can be massively improved.

The app i’m working in now needs extra coding from other sources so we can meet our objectives. Happy to share this info with you once completed in the hopes this current ibuild can go to the next level!


I spent a long time developing an app that has to work offline
I am very dissapointed – it would have been easier just to use a link to a website
Ive use andromo which worked well and would have changed if ibuild apps worked offline :(

is there no way it can be made to run offline?

tim, you practically used only html page functions in your app.

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