12 Tips for All New iBuildApp Users

Are you a new iBuildApp user? Are you just getting started creating mobile app and you want to figure out how to really make the most out of it? With over 1.1 million apps created on iBuildApp, we stumble upon new users interested in making a killer app every day. Do you need 12 tips how to create an app ?

The goal for most people when they build a mobile app is to make money, at least in the long run. This all starts with understanding the system you are using to build a mobile app, and since you turned your attention to iBuildApp, we wanted to help you with some of the best tips we could put together for new users.

From marketing your app to choosing templates, these are the best tips for all new iBuildApp users.

Choose Your Template Wisely – How to Create an App

With iBuildApp you get to choose from tons of templates that are professionally designed for various different industries. Instead of choosing a generic template, see if there is something in the library for your brand. How to Create an App – 12 tips.

How to Create an App

Try to match colors to your logo and find something that has images relating to your industry. You can choose from options for lawyers, sports, clothing shops and more.

Test Your Mobile App on Your Different Devices

Just because the mobile app looks good on your computer screen doesn’t mean it looks exactly the same on a different device.

Pull out your iPhone or Android and play around with the app before you send it out to customers. You may need to adjust a photo or you may even notice a typo while playing around with it. How to Create an App – 12 Tips.

Integrate Your Social Media Pages for Increased Interaction

Create an App

It doesn’t matter what platform of social media you use, customers find it helpful if you have it on your app. Not only do they not have to open a bunch of different apps to go on their social media, but they can access certain deals and specials you only send out to social followers.

In short, it’s a great way to get people talking about your company, and it’s an excuse for them to open your app. You can even turn your current Facebook page into a mobile app. How to Create an App – 12 Tips.

Upload High Quality Photos and Test Them on Your Phone

Nothing says ametuer like a junky photo on your mobile app. If someone opens your app to a stretched out photo on your homescreen you can bet they will delete the app. Work your hardest to crop photos so they fit well, and get a professional photographer.

Play Around With Different Formats and Ask for Feedback

How to Create App

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There’s no reason you can’t try two different templates, send them out to a beta testing group and ask for feedback. Mobile apps are like websites, where people respond to certain elements better than others. Learn from your users so you can see why some don’t turn into paying customers.

Make Your Text Reflect Your Organizational Culture

Do you run a law firm or a clothing shop? Ask yourself whether or not you want to come off as silly or professional. Silly text is a great way to get people smiling about your company, but it’s a horrible idea for lawyers or accountants.

Start Small and Move Up From There

Create an App

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With iBuildApp you can create a mobile app for free, then upgrade once you start getting more downloads. There’s no reason to start with the biggest plan, but you can always work your way up.

Who knows? You might end up creating apps for a bunch of businesses and making your own company out of it.

Utilize the Shopping Cart Feature

Mobile commerce is the way of the future, so if you have a brand that sells any type of product you should be selling it on your mobile app. Learn from some of our favorite mobile commerce apps to find inspiration.

If You Sell Products, Use Lots of Pictures


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No one is going to buy from you if they can hardly tell what your product looks like. Give them as many high-quality photos as you can, and really wow them with the angles.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Testimonials and Reviews

Most people make their purchasing decisions based on feedback from other customers, so make a separate page on your mobile app that just shows customer testimonials or reviews. Give people a reasons to buy, and maybe even think about getting customers to make video testimonials.

Use the iBuildApp Blog for Expert Advice

how to create

The iBuildApp blog is always being updated to help you along the way during your mobile app journey. We post articles with the best mobile apps from different industries so you can get inspiration, along with tips on how to use the iBuildApp interface.

Share your thoughts in the comments section if you have any questions how to create an app. We always try to make our interface the best it can be, but we understand that there are some hidden tricks that might take some explaining.

Is Your Mobile App Cluttered? Is it Legible?

Walk through your mobile app to clear out the clutter and really make it easy for your customers to move to the selling points. Do you want users to call your store? Make a phone call button the only thing on the homepage. There’s no reason to have a bunch of other buttons in the way.

If you think there are some other tips that everyone should hear, sound off in the comments. That was an article – How to Create an App – 12 Tips.