iBuildApp Exhibits at the CTIA Wireless Trade Show May 8-10 in New Orleans

We had our first booth at the CTIA Wireless trade show this year, and the response was amazing. You can see the foto slideshow from our interactive photo booth, and here are some pictures from the booth as well as the iBuildApp team and fans at the event.





You are doing an amazing job with your products!!! The only thing that concerns me as a paying customer is that you don’t respond to queries or problems. I want to give you more money and you still ignore me. This makes me not want to use your services any longer.

Jon, sorry, our support was overwhelmed by demand for free support from you, guys.
you will have your chance to pay for payable support starting in next week since the rest of free clients will have only forum to find the answer.

I have wanted to pay for support but am not even being given the option. I have a multi million dollar company as a client who has recently purchased the app services. They have 29 other major companies in Boston who have downloaded the webapp to their phones. You changed the url address to the app so now every company who downloaded the app no longer gets the app but gets redirected to your website. Now I am being given a bad reputation for something I have no control over. Please fix this issue I have no idea why you would change the address to an existing app. Thank you for your time I would really appreciate some help.

Thank you so much for contacting me today. I am really looking forward to the address being changed back to its original. Which is

thank you so much. I am really grateful that you are taking care of this issue.


Jonathan Doyle

Thank you so much for resolving my issue. You guys are the best!!!!


Jonathan Doyle

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