iBuildApp is Going Premium ($0-$9.99-$79 per app)

iBuildApp is an automated mobile app creation and publishing Platform-as-a-Service. The platform allows any business, group or individual to create and publish a native or a web app for a smartphone or a tablet (currently supporting HTML, iOS and Android) in minutes. The interface is template-based with widgets to add location (maps), contact us, coupons, video, audio, pictures, RSS, Twitter, Facebook and more.

iBuildApp is going to keep a free version with default ads while introducing an advanced version without adds that has premium support as many app builders have requested recently.

Here’s the new pricing –

Engage your customers with professional iPhone/Android native apps

* Free – $0.00; Ads will be displayed in the app, Unlimited Downloads

* Basic – $9.99 per month; Professional support, White Label, up to 200 downloads

* Business – $39.99 per month; Professional support, White Label, up to 1000 downloads

* Enterprise – $79 per month per app subscription fee gives you full control of your app.

Get access to advanced features and build, publish, and monetize your app.



Would have preferred an outright purchase business model to a subscription one because if you sell an app to a business you have to keep going back to them for money again monthly and annually.

the problem with selling is that every month or two there are new Android devices and every 4-5 months new iOS version update. all of them require support of the code base on ongoing basis (by testing and updating apps). so one time purchase is NOT going to work for any business in long term. it’s just dream that you purchased app and host the content in your server and don’t need any future work. NO! an app requires constant, constant support!

I can appreciate you having a paid model and I would pay, but the prices are to high for what features you have. For less than $79 you will get an Android/Ios/Wp7 app and a proper WordPress plugin with multiple ad networks supported.

Nicholas, yep. probably we sucks so go for it and get the best solution available on the market. we can only what we can do and I hope WP7 is going to make your day.
thanks, rafael

Never said you suck, just priced to high for what you offer. Most of us need 3 platforms and the ability to use an ad network than the pathetic Admob that pays 0.10 ecpm, crunch the numbers and it will take 800,000 views per week to make a whopping $320.00 minus $79 and wow $240 per month……

thank you for suggestion.
I have been saying it over and over again:
our market is small businesses and personal apps so far which typically have 30-200 downloads.

so 99% of them are happy with our service offering. this is why I don’t see here 136 000 posts about outrageous billing but only 10-15 folks that build apps for selling and need cheaper deal.

like I have been saying, we will have RESELLER account in the next 30 days which is white label and has much better deal for resellers with over 30 apps hosted.



I have 3 questions, if I may…

“Basic – $9.99 per month; Professional support, White Label, up to 200 downloads”.

1- Will the ads be removed with The basic $9.99/month package? I’m just curious as I’m thinking about switching to that plan/pkg.

2- As for the “up to 200 downloads” – Is that a monthly download cap, as per your monthly fee, or is it a limit based on the lifespan of the app?

“iBuildApp is going to keep a free version with default ads while introducing an advanced version without adds that has premium support as many app builders have requested recently.”

3- Currently, on my free account for my web apps, the only ad I’ve noticed is the, “Powered by” on the home screen. Is there plans to add more of your ads throughout the app, or is that the only one?

On a side note – Thanks for the great site and building tools. I, and the users of my site, appreciate it. I’ve been trying to help out with questions on your forums to try and give a little bit back. Thanks again. :)

Could you provide more details about the Reseller account that you mentioned?

@ JJ
1) yes
2) total downloads
3) what’s the name ? have to check.

Hi Rafael,
I will like to build an app with the ‘Go mobile with web apps’ plan(Basic $9.99/m).
I would like to build the app for android version and iphone version.
My question is how much do I need to pay for the app with android and iphone version? $9.99 or $19.98/month?

Free (If you don’t mind having the, “Powered by” ad on the homescreen of your app.
Both plans for web apps offer unlimited downloads as well.

some question :
1-i would like to know if i chose to pay for the month 9.99$ and not for the 1 year 99$ does it mean that each month i need to enter your site and pay ?
2-do you give some notice email before you put your add-on ?
3-do you accept paypal?
4-if the app reach the limit of the 200 downloads what will the users see when they try to download it from the appstore ? it will download normally but all they will see will be your logo? or what?


hi M.B.
to answer on the questions:
1) -no, we charge your card automatically unless you cancel the subscription
2) yes
3) paypal doesn’t allow us to implement subscription as we want. we charge credit card
4) if you don’t upgrade after a few emails and grace period in 1 week we will display ads and our logo

hi , one more thing
will you consider a one time payment for the same terms as the enterprise program so instead of paying you each year 799$ there will be a 1 time payment of 1000$? for example . it will be more convenient to sell the app for the final costumer if he will know the final price of it.
do not forget that the success of the resellers is your success as well .


Its too expensive what you ask. 99dll per application, Apple charges 99dll for their license for one year but not limited to an application, you get paid for this application, if I have an application I have to pay the license but your license 200dll apple a year is way too expensive what you ask, I think he exageraste for your success. Now the costs are way too, but that Apple’s own license, I understand you want to charge for your work but what you ask way too high, and the problem is that now the application you are asking is, if I have 6 apllicaciones I have to pay the plus 100 years 600dll apple 700dll year. Tell me your you know, if I believe an app with a restaurant ibuldapp say how much he should charge the restaurant by the application??? The cost to make a app on your platform for my clients? my English is bad I hope you understand what I write. I think you should collect 99 per year per license but no application

what would be the cost that I should charge a customer if an application developed with your platform?
10000dll or how?
Before you will be paid I think they should collect a maximum 1000dll but now not only miss tests and never arrives to publish an app and I thought that if I am asked to make an app the would do with your platform but believed it to maximum charge would 1000dll now I see how much it costs I do not know how to charge?

@Ruben. not sure it’s relevant to us. you can charge your customers any price for app creation, update, hosting, design, advertising, coupons, per download.
we just a tool that gives you all that!

If i upload my app’Basic Upgrade’ to apple and android store, are those downloads counted from their store downloads point of view or these downloads are just from ibuildapp website?

Are you serious

is the free apps with unlimited download allow us to get ads revenue and send push notification?

to be honest your limited download is the only mistake i see here , who will buy app that only limited to 200 or 1000 download ? also most business owner wont pay more than $700 a year for one app !!

you got a very nice platform but you make it look not good when you limit the download and charge too high for unlimited download

please do not get me wrong iam trying to help you here by giving you a feedback to improve your business

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