iBuildApp now supports Retina displays!

iBuildapp announces mobile app to fully support Apple’s Retina Display.
If you already have an app with us, you may want to refresh it with high-resolution versions of your art and icons – just go to iBuildApp and start editing your app!
Select from the bunch of new icons and upload your graphics in better resolution.

Bug fixes and improvements:
• Added ‘Refresh’ icon for a web-view based pages: now content can be updated within the app (no need to quit and relaunch the app).
• Improved the custom form controls (drop down list)
• Improved the ‘Take a picture’ function
• Improved the feed loading process: implemented asynchronous HTTP request processing that prevents the main app stream overloading
• Improved cache mechanism: now all content (except media and rss feeds) comes with app build (internet connection is only required to view web-based content)
• Added progress indicator for web pages




1. ebook only cahe’s first page, offline viewing just presents the same first page for all subsequent pages in ebook.

2. icons displaying to large for display at tab bar. cropped icons only displaying about a third of image.


Dear iBuildApp, when trying to upload my App on Application Loader, it says that .zip file is not correct. But file is the one you supplied, and I also tried already to get another .zip file repeating the process on iBuild site but still don’t work….Any urgent help please? App is a Company one and must be on App Store within next tuesday…. Thank you!


roberto, please use forum for help instead of blogging area.
there are a few posts in this field when app builders use outdated app loader version (under their Mac) or unzip the file and next have problem uploading it into app store. make a search by key word zip on the forum. any requests for support in the blog will be deleted.

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