iBuildApp Releases Widget to Preview Mobile Apps on Web Sites

New beta Release includes adding new features and fixes to iBuildApps’s Android and iPhone DIY app builder.


Foster City, CA (PRWEB) January 12, 2012

iBuildapp announces new beta features to their platform that lets anyone build an app free. To help promote apps built with iBuildApp, a new widget easily embeds a live preview of apps onto a web site. Additional features include custom forms, social media picture sharing, and the ability to sort RSS feeds.

To start creating a free iPhone or Android app today, without any coding skills needed, visit

“You can now create a free iPhone or Android app on iBuildApp and with a few lines of code, showcase your app on your web site. It’s a great way to reach your customers or fans – and get your brand in their pocket,” said Rafael Soultanоv, CEO of iBuildApp. Simply grab the HTML code provided and insert onto a web site to show an iFrame of the app on any web site.

Instead of just sharing a photo with friends and family, the iBuildApp Take the Picture feature allows people to share photos taken within the app via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Custom forms allow app owners to create a custom input form for their app. Forms can be used for appointments, reservations, surveys, contact form, etc. Sorting of RSS feeds is now possible, with the ability to sort them in ascending or descending order.

Along with the new features, iBuildApp has listened to feedback from their users and have addressed bugs reported in the software. Comment are being taken at:

The official release comes next week after a successful completion of the beta release.

About iBuildApp

iBuildApp is a startup in the Mobile infrastructure space recently covered by Wired Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. We make it easy and affordable for any business to build and manage mobile apps.

iBuildApp hosts over 80,000 mobile apps from 100+ different countries. Our mobile content management platform provides a cost effective solution for businesses to build and optimize their mobile presence for all smartphone devices.

We help companies to connect and engage customers to promote business, to keep customers updated and encourage their loyalty with rewards with key features including Mobile Commerce, Mobile Advertising Management, and Social Networking Tools.

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How to make an app

Hi… Many thanks for this platform.. Are you developing m commerce (not the itunes one)to integrate ? Im eagerly waiting for that functionality.

How to make an app

Arvind, eCommerce page function is developed and available for iPhone via InAppPurchase mechanism at Apple.

How to make an app

I’m looking for something similar to magento mcommerce or mobi-cart , where in I can load the products directly and sell them without the need of itunes. Is there a way I could do anything with mobi-cart API to integrate with ibuildapp?

Many thanks for giving all of us the power to build apps for free!

How to make an app

few other queries:

1. I’ve linked a button to a web URL, once I go through different pages in the web and when i press the back button it comes back to main screen of the app straightaway instead of going back page by page and then to the main page of the app. Is there a way to resolve this?

How to make an app

I am sorry, we don’t provide support in the press releases. thanks, rafael

How to make an app

Great post. Here’s a tool the lets you create your apps in minutes, without coding. Just Point-and-Click

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