Is your small business running at it’s optimal performance?

Mobile apps run the world, and it’s important for small business to stay ahead of the trends, manage their workforce effectively and reach out to customers in friendly ways. What’s the best way to complete all of these tasks?

By using apps.

Apps allow you to open up your tablet or smartphone and communicate directly to your workers and customers regardless of your location. The Internet is filled with nicely designed apps to help you improve your productivity and gain revenue. These apps help your accounting, marketing, project management, file storage, payment processing and more. Let’s explore the top apps that every small business owner should use.


How to make an app

FreshBooks is a comprehensive accounting application designed to help small business owners who find other accounting software too intimidating. FreshBooks comes packaged in a complete software suite with an app that lets you access your finances from any of your devices.

The app contains a sleek interface that lets you track hours for yourself, workers and even contractors. It provides a handy receipt storage feature where you can snap a photo of your receipt, and FreshBooks stores it in various formats for later reference. The best feature is that you can send an invoice directly from your mobile device. Meet with a client, bill them after the work is done and they can pay you at their own convenience.

You can download the FreshBooks application on the Google Play Store or Apple Store here.

Google Drive

How to make an app

Everyone seems to have their own preferences when it comes to file management and sharing software. Regardless of your preferences, every small business needs a way to store files such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations and media. Try iDrive, Dropbox or SkyDrive if you are more accustomed to those interfaces, but we recommend opting for Google Drive.

The mobile app for Google Drive gives you access to all of your files on-the-go, and it lets you designate permissions to people in your organization. The best part about the Google Drive app is that it integrates directly into the Google Apps for Business platform, which allows you to access your files, email, calendar and more, right in one place.

Learn more about Google Drive here, or download the app on your mobile device.


How to make an app

Do you collect payments for your products or services? Square is a revolutionary app that helps people accept credit card payments by swiping a card on a smartphone or tablet. The app let’s anyone email cash directly to another person’s debit card, but it really excels for small business owners when you get the Square Up credit card swiper which connects directly to your mobile device.

The app gives business owners an affordable way to quickly receive payments in-person or online. Never feel constricted by a bulky credit card processor or have to pay hefty percentages whenever someone buys something from you.


How to make an app

Asana is an app developed for simple project and task management. Sure, every company still needs email, but there are some tasks that move quicker and more effectively when managed through an application like Asana. Not to mention email is awful for organizing and searching for past business interactions.

Asana lets managers assign tasks to multiple individuals in an organization. Since the entire software includes a mobile application each worker receives their tasks in real time to their mobile devices. Assign ownership for each task, set milestones to keep up productivity and track who completes tasks the best.


How to make an app

MailChimp is one of those applications that many people forget about when starting a business, but it’s essential for staying relevant. MailChimp is an email address collection software with form and HTML email building capabilities. There are many email marketing software options out there, but MailChimp gives you an interactive app to build your emails via a drag-and-drop editor.

It’s also free until your list grows past 2,000 email addresses, helping small businesses save money getting started. The MailChimp app download links can be found here. It’s also worth noting that MailChimp offers an email collection app called Chimpadeedoo. It allows you to attend a conference, meeting or trade show and collect emails on your tablet. Storefronts use this at the register to give out a promotion or freebie in exchange for emails.

Now it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments what apps you use for your small business. Did we miss any essential apps that every small business owners must have? If you haven’t tried these apps for your business before, give them a whirl and send us your feedback.


How to make an app

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