Make a Picture Perfect Mobile App for Your Photography Business

You just finished shooting a beautiful wedding for a customer you know down the street and you send out proofs for those in the wedding party who might be interested in purchasing some prints.

Is this the end of the line for your interaction with these customers?

It shouldn’t be. A physical business card is nice to hand over, but what about a digital business card that people can forward, share and access whenever they need your photography services?

Mobile apps give you an inexpensive way to share your photography work with past clients and potential clients who are looking for a professional with your services.

How to make an app

But what goes into a quality photography service mobile app? Let’s take a look at the components that every photographer needs when building an app that makes their business look as sleek as their photos.

Connection Central: A Top Priority For Photographers

How to make an app

If you were to cut out all the other portions of your mobile app, this is the page you would want to keep. Sure, potential customers probably take the time to book your services, but at least you give past customers a way to quickly and easily book your services or forward your contact info to others.

Create a Reservation page to setup a shoot time within seconds. Make the page clean, and take out all the annoying stuff that makes people wonder why it’s taking so long to book a reservation. Ask for the person’s name, preferred shoot date, phone number and a quick message. A phone number, email and location listing is great, but in today’s world customers value the ability to book an appointment without spending too much time and without having to talk with a person on the phone.

Show What You’re Made Of

How to make an app
How to make an app
How to make an app
How to make an app

Next to the Reservations page, which pushes people through your doors, the portfolio page is essential to feature your work. A Services and About page tells customers what you offer, but nothing displays the quality of your images than the actual images.

Categorize your photos to explain your services to customers without forcing them to navigate to another page. Don’t skimp on the portfolio. Take as many pictures as you can and pack them into the tiny mobile app. If someone is looking for a wedding or child photographer you can bet they’ll sit there and scan through the dozens of photos you posted of your past jobs.

Interaction: Online and Offline

How to make an app
How to make an app
How to make an app

Interaction is always going to be part of the photography experience. Include online interaction pages in your mobile app to get feedback from customers and discuss potential changes with your work. This includes social pages and fan walls.

A photographer’s mobile app is not complete without the offline interaction component. How does someone find your studio if you don’t offer a map?

All About You

How to make an appHow to make an appHow to make an app

Even though your portfolio page’s organization should communicate the services you offer, an About page and Services page puts it in writing. Solidify exactly what groups of people you cater to. This helps avoid confusion and strengthens your chances of nailing down a particular niche.

Consider a pricing page to display the demographic you shoot for. If you’re a high end photographer, let your prices reflect that. Don’t be afraid to share your prices. Cut down on the time it takes to explain on the phone that you’re prices are way over someone’s budget.

The About page also helps explain the persona you bring along with you when on a shoot. Customers don’t just pay for the photographs you take, but the experience they receive when working with you. Explain your extensive experience with kids, or talk about your discretion during weddings or graduations.

Are you a photographer looking to create your first mobile app or even improve your current one? Let us know in the comments what works best for you and if we missed anything on this list.


How to make an app

I agree that “mobile apps give you an inexpensive way to share your photography work with past clients and potential clients who are looking for a professional with your services”. This is a best way to market your business and digitally manage your business at the same time.

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