Mobile Content Thats Both Visual and Conversion Rate Boosting

Mobile app resellers are often tasked with showing clients how effective a mobile app can be. Therefore, you’ll need to prove that conversion rates are high and that users are actually opening the app and engaging with your brand.

What’s cool is that a mobile app reseller might consider selling content creation services as well. On the other hand, you might think about presenting your new clients with tips on how to generate interesting visual mobile content so that customers are interested in the app.

Regardless of how you decide to sell clients on the visual content creation, the goal is to get them into the habit of making a more visual experience for their user.

Keep reading to learn more about mobile content that’s both visual and conversion rate boosting.

Quizzes and Polls

Mobile Content Thats Both Visual and Conversion Rate Boosting

How to use quizzes and polls in your mobile app:
  • Link to the form directly from your homepage.

  • Tell customers they’ll get a coupon or other reward if they take the poll or quiz.

  • Receive valuable customer feedback through polls, or generate fun buzz for a product with a quiz.


Mobile Content Thats Both Visual and Conversion Rate Boosting

How to use infographics in your mobile app:
  • Collect email addresses (through the mobile app) from customers, then send out the infographics in your email newsletters.

  • Post the infographics to galleries or social media pages. This way your customers can view the infographic through the outlet they’re most comfortable with.

  • Make a blog post with an infographic in it. Make sure your blog is connected to the app.

Fun GIFs

Mobile Content Thats Both Visual and Conversion Rate Boosting

How to use GIFs in your mobile app:
  • On your social media pages, since GIFs are often the most shared items on a page.

  • Do it like Buzzfeed and post relevant GIFs in your blog posts.

  • Consider having GIFs inside the mobile app or even in coupons. They are bound to grab attention and get people to laugh.


Mobile Content Thats Both Visual and Conversion Rate Boosting

How to use video in your mobile app:
  • As testimonials to convince other people to come to a store or buy from a company.

  • As training videos. For example, we’ve seen personal trainers and gyms post individual videos to show exactly how to complete a certain exercise.

  • Videos can also be used to make a short announcement about a new product or promotion.

  • Take videos of your products to explain the features, specs and show every angle of the item. Pair this with your mCommerce pages.

Regular Old Photographs

How to use photos in your mobile app:
  • Upload photos on every page, from your homepage background to your logo. The splash page is also a great way to keep people interested and remembering what your brand is.

  • Create photo galleries to show off services and completed projects. This is particularly helpful for those mobile app clients with portfolios.

  • Build an mCommerce store and fill it with beautiful product photos. Photos are the main reason anyone is ever going to buy through your mobile app.

In Conclusion

The great part about mobile content is that convincing your mobile app clients to do it isn’t that difficult. Sure, making this content takes a bit of time, but as a developer you can upsell clients with content creation guides. Or, you have the opportunity to sell additional services like graphic design, video creation and blog post writing.

After all, the success of a mobile app often relies on that mobile content that’s both visual and conversion rate boosting. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


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