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Hi, I created an app with you guys and I must say thus far it has worked brilliantly. My app has a total download stat of over 14k and has even trended on the google play store; however I have one issue that i would like some help resolving. I have added the ibuildapp fan wall function to my app, but my fans are saying the button does not work. when they tap it, it simply stays highlighted and does not move to the wall. Can you offer any assistance? I would hate to lose the 4.8/5 rating i have on google for this problem.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Pepe! You just have to resubmit your app back to the App Store and Google Play. It will work after the new build is published! It worked for me!


I was wondering if a “like” option and uploading videos would be posible any time soon, thanks!

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