Reservation Widget released!

After working for a few months on new widget we are proud to have a release ready – Online Reservation widget
By launching Reservation widget for iPhone and Android apps, we believe, we introduced a better way for businesses to monetize their customer base in mobile.

Benefits of a Reservation App

There are numerous benefits that you can enjoy when you offer a reservation app for your customers. Let’s explore the perks in the pointers below so that you can better understand why more restaurants are going to be adding such nifty and technologically advanced apps to their mix in the very near future.

  • Offer your guests an easy way to book reservations
  • Allow guests to download the app to their smart phones and use it
  • Synch the reservation app with Facebook and Twitter
  • Use the app to attract more customers
  • Synch the reservation app with your digital menu to offer the most technologically refined method of dining
  • Offer free app downloads on your website to entice existing and prospective customers
  • Affordable, easy to implement and to use
  • Increase profits and your industry exposure by offering reservation widget in your app
  • Free plan is available with iBuildApp ads and NO contracts!

How to make an app


How to make an app

The widget doesn’t work, I tried registering myself and then making a reservation but couldn’t reserve anything, this is buggy and need to be fixed!

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