Business app store from iBuildApp similar to Salesforce AppExchange with login

iBuildApp released marketplace similar to Salesforce AppExchange

Some companies need different functionality or they want an app extension so unique that no one else has it on the market. In that case you have a chance to choose from mobile app extensions that are being given away for free or sold on the iBuildApp marketplace similar to Salesforce AppExchange.

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Salesforce AppExchange is the cloud extensions marketplace where corporate users can find, download and use software applications. It’s the best ecosystem of corporate solutions as it has over 40 million downloads and 1.5 million business users. App Exchange applications provide convenient cloud services integrated with solutions such as Salesforce CRM to increase corporate sales.

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Sign in to iBuildApp to start, which is very similar how you would do it with Salesforce login to App Exchange. Once set up, you’ll be able to click on the iBuildApp login screen and go straight to your app management dashboard with active session. The AppExchange is the business app store from Salesforce. The company CRM is also popular among companies with its cloud computing apps. iBuildApp extensions store has also thousands of enterprise and corporate applications for all verticals.

iBuildApp has hundreds of pre-built solutions for all categories and industries

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Lightning Components are special, pre built building cloud blocks for making apps and pages for your company. You don’t need any design or developer tools as the certified professionals can do the work for your company. In order to start building apps with Lightning Components you would need to sign with salesforce login into your account. If nothing in iBuildApp marketplace sparks your interest you have the option to make your own template or extension from scratch.

For every role and industry, there’s a cloud app

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iBuildApp extension marketplace is similar to AppExchange that offers a big variety of corporate applications organized into verticals and industry solutions that include a variety of areas such as small business, customer service, education, manufacturing and real estate. With over 1,000 sales apps pre-integrated to extend the power of Salesforce, your sales team has powerful tools to close leads faster, sell more, and work from any place.

Sales Reporting and Lead Tracking solutions from iBuildApp

Two popular cloud solutions for sales teams, that available on iBuildApp store similar to Salesforce AppExchange, are Sales Reporting, which allows managing inside and field sales team and see their performance reports on the go and Sales Lead Tracking to have lead management, lead capture & lead conversion in google spreadsheet.

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Since iBuildApp marketplace has been filling up over these years with pretty unique templates and extensions similar to salesforce app exchange, we wanted to take a moment and share some of our favorites.

This gives you an idea of the solution templates you can grab from the app exchange marketplace and how other people use their own creativity to make something completely unique for their brand. It might just generate a few ideas for you.

Learn How to Make Your Own Company App with iBuildApp

Stallone’s Movies extension that similar to salesforce app exchange

The Stallone mobile app template looks awesome and feels like an actual Stallone movie. It’s uses are limited for people who want to grab the template and use it for their own needs, but it gives a great starting point for people who want to build apps for a movie blog or entertainment website. Notable aspects include the large, high resolution graphic that immediately tells you what this app is all about. You also get buttons that blend in nicely with the theme and lead you to quality information.

Burley Oak Beer Finder from iBuildApp Marketplace

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The Burley Oak beer finder app is one of the more unique mobile apps I stumbled upon in the app exchange marketplace. Not every company can use it, but it serves as a way for customers to find where Burley Beer is sold. This works for just about any brewery or company that uses distributors for their products. Clothing, toy, beauty product and even food companies need ways for people to find where their items are sold.

Soul Rapper app supporting Salesforce app exchange

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The Soul Rapper app is one of the more creative mobile app templates on the marketplace. It communicates the artist’s style of music and provides interesting, off-center buttons to get people excited about the performer. When you think about it, the app is also quite minimalistic in terms of buttons. It pushes people to music, YouTube and Facebook, that’s it.

Music One Italia app

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This music app utilizes the Microsoft Live Tiles design and it works nicely. Live Tiles is one of the only designs I’ve ever seen that uses tons of buttons without cluttering the space. If you have button overload on your company app exchange design then consider switching to something like this. Salesforce and Microsoft partnered together to provide integration of the top CRM solution with productivity apps

ISVs and developers have long struggled to monetize apps from consumer-facing exchanges, which are noisy and hard-to-differentiate environments. Apps are vetted. Waiting for IT consultants to integrate your software is a thing of the past. If it’s available on the AppExchange, it’s safe and ready. It can be installed by a Salesforce admin, not an IT squad. Apps are peer reviewed. Salesforce professionals, experts, and MVPs have contributed almost 50,000 reviews to the AppExchange. That makes it easy to find out how an app is already transforming business processes in the real world.

If you enjoyed these apps then let us know if you plan on using them in the future. Share your thoughts in the comments section and explore the iBuildApp app exchange marketplace to locate even more business templates to use with our app building platform for business.