Update your iPhone App: New version available!

iPhone 5 is now supported!



Clicked the Button. Got an Ad Hoc Version and nothing changed. What am I doing wrong?

A working iPhone 5 support would be great!

Keep up the good work!


what didn’t change? post screenshot!


Not sure this is working guys!!
Clicked the update button above and it took me through to my apps page. then nothing more happens.


I already answered in the forum that you need to publish your update to iTunes so your app users can download the update from app store :)
how do you expect an update to happen in your app if you never downloaded it from iTunes App Store? :)


Hi thanks for your reply, although im not sure I like the sarcastic tone in which it seems to be written??!! We are not all experts you know!!! Especially when i will paying your company $348 a year in the not too distant future!!!!
Im sorry i couldn’t find the info I needed in the thousands of pages in your forums.

However if one is building an app which is essentially a video library, which means i am spending a lot of time editing and compressing videos to meet the 20mb allowance, whilst still wanting the videos to look good within the app, one must ask what use is an update i cant test for the quality of experience for the end user of the app without publishing?

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