10 Emotions That Generate User Action in Your Mobile App

Psychology goes hand in hand with marketing.

Most people like to think that they make decisions based on rationalisation and deep thought. However, the opposite is more often true. Humans are prone to come to conclusions based on momentary feelings, gut reactions and emotions.

It’s the whole reason your friends say that you shouldn’t start making any drastic decisions after breaking up with a significant other or even after a huge job promotion. Your emotions can take hold of your body and cause you to do things that you will regret later.

However, this also ties into shopping. After all, everyone knows the effect of a simple timer on Groupon. Users get nervous that they’ll miss out on a great deal, so they decide to buy, instead of thinking about if they really need the product or not.

The cool thing about the relationship between emotion and marketing is that it doesn’t have to be slimy or conniving.

You can use marketing buzzwords and tactics that incite emotional responses from customers, particularly in your mobile apps.

So, what are some of the emotions that generate user action in your mobile app?

1. Empathy

Understanding other people and sharing feelings with those around you is a strong motivating factor when making purchasing decisions. We recommend tapping into the empathy emotion with your mobile app, because it works rather well for charitable organizations that want to show that you can help other people. It’s also nice for regular businesses who want to give a certain amount of profits to a charity, or even if users know that they are buying from a company that helps local jobs or sources from local manufacturers.

2. Affection

When marketing on your mobile app, you must realize that not everyone is buying for themselves. In fact, some folks may be shopping around for a nice gift, whether it be for their friend, coworker or significant other. That’s why marketing text should not always focus on what people want individually.

3. Amusement

Research shows that the more people laugh and smile, the less stressed they become about making financial decisions. That’s why it’s important to keep the mood light in your mobile app, whether it’s through playful pictures or interesting text.

4. Excitement

Excitement emerges when a user receives a promotion or surprise deal, but it culminates into a more effective emotion when the excitement is scarce. Therefore, you’ll want to utilize scarcity and show people that the excitement may fade if they don’t take action quick.

5. Envy

You don’t necessarily want to make your customers envious of other people, but it’s wise to show users that they deserve a little more than what they currently have. It’s like displaying why and how those same users can treat themselves with services or products from you.

6. Hope

The first step in utilizing the emotion of hope is to understand what your target market is dreaming and hoping for. After that, it’s one of the more powerful emotions to use in your mobile app marketing, since people are always looking for some sort of optimism to make their lives better.

7. Inspiration

Inspiration is the primary driving factor for spontaneity. so , if you’d like to convince someone that they should buy your new fitness program, show them inspirational quotes or videos of people completing losing lots of weight over a certain period of time.

8. Confusion

No, you don’t want to make your customers confused, but this emotion is useful for when you want to solve a problem for your customers’ confusions. The only trick is somehow portraying your product or service as the solution to their problems.

9. Empowerment

In order to know that your customers will be satisfied with their purchases, they must walk out of the sale feeling empowered. This means that they need to leave in a position of power, knowing that they made the choice themselves, and it was a good decision.

10. Trust

The keystone emotion for any ideal business relationship is trust. Once you lose trust, you can kiss customers goodbye. With a mobile app, it’s required to maintain a tone that connects with customers on a human level. Over promising is not a good idea and sounding as if you know more than your customers is something to avoid as well.

With these emotions, you now have what it takes to construct your mobile app media, copy and other elements. Since emotions are essential in getting users to take action, make sure you bookmark this page to cross reference with your mobile app content.