10 Things Your Mobile App Customers Hate Hearing the Most

From restaurants to law firms, small businesses are required to deal with clients, customers, readers, or simply people who want to give the companies a hard time. Otherwise, you could wreck your Mobile App Customers loyalty..

Yes, many Mobile App Customers are irrational, and some of them are downright rude, but your mobile app is one of those marketing components that is designed to nurture customer relationships instead of destroying them. Not only that, but 45% of customers abandon online transactions if their questions or concerns aren’t met.

Your Mobile App Customers relationships matter.

With your mobile app you are given various mediums for speaking with your customers, including message boards, contact forms, social media widgets, reservation modules, photo submission tools and more.

Customer service requires discipline, so that’s why we wanted to discuss some of the things your mobile app customers hate hearing the most.

“I Don’t Know – mobile app” -Mobile App Customers

You’re better off stating that your Mobile App Customers made a good suggestion or question and you need to check with someone else to ensure you communicate the correct answer. Cutting off a conversation because you don’t know an immediate answer is a sure-fire way to tick a customer off.

“That’s Not How We Do Things.” – Mobile App Customers

Your company culture is important, yet making an excuse to not serve a customer properly because of certain tendencies is only going to hurt you in the long run.

Even if a customer makes a wild suggestion or assumes that you offer a service that is clearly not stated, assure them that you will take their feedback and consider it for the future.

“Could You Contact Us Later? in Your Mobile app”

Mobile App Customers

The whole point of a mobile app is for customers to call or email you with a single click. It’s designed to work quickly and efficiently for both the customer and business. If you turn away a customer, what are the chances of them deleting that mobile app? After all, the quick contact buttons are useless if you tell them to contact you later.

“You Should’ve Read This…” – Mobile App Customers

Customers are notorious for not reading terms or product descriptions, yet blaming them for purchasing the wrong item or assuming more from your services only turns them away from your business.

Consider taking this as an opportunity to show your support for Mobile App Customers. Give the disgruntled person a special deal or freebie to ease the pain, yet ensure that they understand the rules or product details for the future.

“You Shouldn’t Worry About It”

That’s the whole reason the customer or client is contacting you through the mobile app in the first place! Instead of brushing the customer off, at least provide a detailed conversation on why they shouldn’t worry about something.

“We Don’t Need Your Business.”

You may truly not need an individual’s business, but telling someone this line is not only childish, it’s potential for the person to bash you online or to friends.

This statement generally arises when the customer is treating the customer rep or salesperson poorly, but it’s wise to remain calm.

“This is Not a High Priority.”

Mobile App Customers

A sentence like this comes out often when a customer suggests a new product or even a feature on your mobile app.

Even though it may not be a high priority for your business, refrain from telling the customer that. Inform them that you’re going to jot down the idea and consider it for the future.

“That’s Not My Job.”

If you’re talking to a customer in the first place, it is indeed your job. If the customer insists on talking about dinosaurs on mars, it’s your job to interact with them and figure out how you can help them find what they need on your mobile app.

“I’m Helping You Out Here.”

Don’t make it seem like you’re doing the customer a favor, because chances are, they will turn to another company who thinks about it before trying to guilt trip its customers while speaking to them.

“There’s Nothing Wrong With the Product (or Service).”

Even though there might not be anything wrong, you can’t hold the customer accountable. This is one of those areas where even if a customer is not entirely telling the truth, or they just don’t get it, you have no other choice but to comply with their wishes.

Over to You…

There you have it: A nice list of statements that you should forget about when speaking to customers on your mobile app message boards, or when interacting with them on the various other mediums on your mobile app.

Have you ever encountered a point where you, or someone in your organization, dropped one of these lines when interacting with customers through a mobile app? Let us know in the comments section below.