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Create an app using 1and1 Webmail and email login to 1&1 hosting

Email exchange runs the business communication world now, right? Please review this tutorial for 1and1 Webmail if using iBuildApp Tap to Email feature.

You heard from every source in the world that you needed to bring your little storefront shop into the mobile age and create a mobile app to connect with customers on the go.

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Apps are powerful tools, especially since mobile app usage increased by 115 percent in 2013 and shows no signs of letting up. Your customers are yearning to connect with you via webmail such as one from 1&1 Hosting, Domain Registration, Website Services company, but what if you include components in your mobile app helps your business to sell more? Can 1and1 mail be a powerful feature?

What are the reasons that business use corporate email and services of providers such as 1and1 Webmail?

Let’s take a look at the biggest “no-nos” that make your customers cringe, laugh or seek out another option.

Embedded emails such as 1and1 Webmail are not Optimized for Mobile Devices

An easy way to make a mobile app is to just create links to all of your current website pages and call it a day. Unfortunately, when customers download your mobile app they crave more than a duplication of your website. They want exclusive content, so give it to them. Make your mobile app different from your website with 1&1 hosting.

Another reason you want to stray away from embedded web pages or links to your website is because they usually aren’t optimized for mobile devices. Customers don’t stick around when they have to look at a webpage with tiny text and indecipherable images. If you have a food menu, create a mobile version of it with 1and1 hosting. If you share an About page or team roster on your app, make it mobile friendly, and not just a link to your current About page online.

Missing Out On Special Occasions with 1&1 webmail login

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What’s one of the primary reasons people download mobile apps for small businesses? If they are valued customers they expect insider information: Hot new products, exclusive deals, behind the scenes photos and upcoming events. If your app is simply an informational outlet for your company then you might as well have asked them to download a PDF document. An app is meant to offer interactivity, or a portal to gain more from your company than the average consumer would.

Don’t forget that people who download your app are usually special customers. Give them their due and keep them up to date on special promotions or occasions. Use your push notifications so they don’t miss an update on your calendar or deals on your social pages.

Check your website for errors by using 1and1 email account

Blogs have this problem as well. You develop a connection with your customer by grabbing their email or getting your mobile app on their smartphone, but you wait three months down the road to send any type of notification. If a blogger doesn’t consistently send out email newsletters, the customers forget how they got on the list and mark it as spam or unsubscribe. It’s blog kryptonite.

The same goes for mobile apps. If your main selling point for a mobile app is to keep in contact with customers, share event info, feature new products or send special deals with 1&1 email, you must do this on a consistent basis. Your customers will delete your app if they don’t get the deals you promised, and they’ll be confused if you send them a push notification two months after they downloaded the app.

Forgetting About the Customer with 1&1 webmail embedded in app

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Customers download your mobile app from 1and1 mail web hosting service that provides a very good website building services, customer support, and 99% server uptime because it’s a direct link to your organization in the palm of their hand. It’s the most versatile customer service tool you have in your arsenal, and customers want to use that tool to connect with your directly. Does your app include ways for them to interact with your company?

Do you offer social media buttons and pages for them to ask quick questions and receive direct responses or use just webmail? Is there a community wall for fans of your work to discuss upcoming trends, events or products? Is your homepage optimized with a quick link for them to email or call you? How about if someone wants to find your location and stop by for a visit?

Is there something in your mobile app that turns customers away? Open up your mobile app and make a checklist of items that could potentially be seen as undesirable to the average consumer. Let us know in the comments about 1&1 Global domain registration and hosting company via webmail or email login if your app includes something on this list, or if we missed something that frustrates you about other company apps. 1&1 email is a feature with login to your personal or corporate email address.

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