5 Ways a Mobile App Helps You Clear Up More Time for Other Business Activities

Do you remember a time when you had more time to spend on your regular life than you did on work? That time probably brings you back to your schooling days or maybe when you went on a trip with friends abroad. The point is, running a business sucks down the time you have to spend on other activities, even if those activities are for improving your own company. Mobile App help is what you need!

However, good news is on the horizon. Based on a TechnoMetrica Survey, small business owners estimate they save an average of 5.6 hours per week due to their firm’s use of mobile apps.

A savings of 5.6 hours per week is huge when you think about it. You could allocate that time to other tasks like marketing, training staff or even spending time with your family, if that’s what you’re looking for right now.

Mobile apps are imperative for giving you more time with your business, so let’s take a look at some of the reasons this is the case.

A Mobile App Helps you Running Your Business Even When You’re Asleep

Similar to a website, a mobile app is running at all times. If someone wants to book a reservation to your restaurant at four in the morning, they can do so. If a customer is planning a shopping trip tomorrow and they want to figure out your hours while sitting in bed at 10pm, the mobile app is working for you.

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The cool part is that a mobile app works even harder for you than a website, since people are constantly on their phones, checking their emails while in bed, browsing while watching TV and more. There’s a much better chance that users decide to open up your mobile app while on the phone compared to navigating to your website.

A Mobile App Minimizes How Much You Have to Guess About What Customers Want

From forms to community discussion walls, a mobile app serves as a wonderful way to bring in information about your customers. For example, a simple contact form or email subscription form accumulates contact information like email addresses, names, addresses and even what types of products or services your customers are interested in.

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Now think about a community discussion wall or a Facebook page on your mobile app. These places are hubs for your customers to discuss trends, new products and complaints about your company. If everyone is saying that your customer service is not the best, you can use this feedback to make changes with your business.

An App Minimizes Time-sucking Phone Conversations

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Are you still accepting reservations or bookings over the phone? If so, you know how long and tedious this process can be. Why not implement a booking page on your mobile app to add some value to the app and to almost completely cut out the phone altogether?

Restaurants have features like OpenTable, which even tell customers what tables are still available, and other companies can use the simple Reservations feature through iBuildApp to book anything from lawyer meetings to hair appointments.

A Mobile App Provides a Direct Line to Customers

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Customer service is a must-have these days, but not every consumer enjoys the same customer service medium. Some like to call companies, while others like to email them. With a mobile app you not only put every customer service medium on their phone, but you provide quick maps, click to call buttons and email forms for chatting with people and understanding their needs. Mobile App Help.

An App Gives You Quick Tools to Bring Customers Back

It’s foolish to assume that once a customer comes to your business they will always remember you and stay loyal. In fact, they’ll probably forget the location, phone number and email address within seconds.

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A mobile app provides all the features you need for bringing back repeat customers, whether it’s a page with your hours, a reservations page or a map for people to find out where your store is.

Over to You…

When was the last time you could say that a single tool or business tactic allowed you to free up 5.6 hours per week? Share your thoughts in the comments section if you currently use a mobile app for your small business. How would you say it benefits your company in terms of clearing up more time for other business activities? Mobile App Help.