8 Pertinent Stats to Encourage Your Mobile App Selling Tactics

A significant portion of being an app reseller involves actually making sales to your business clients. It doesn’t matter whether you create apps for a wide range of companies or you only focus on restaurants; part of the job is selling.

Yes, I’m sure you’d rather spend most of your time developing new apps, but how do you plan on doing so unless you have the customers to pay the bills?

Mobile App Selling Tactics

In my experience some folks are natural salespeople, while others would rather never touch a phone or talk to a potential client at all.

The good news is that introverts can still learn how to make sales without going completely out of their comfort zone. It’s also nice for extraverts to learn a thing or two about which sales tactics work the best.

Therefore, we wanted to explore a batch of pertinent stats that encourage your mobile app selling tactics.

1. When it comes to product and service reviews, 68% of consumers trust the word of strangers.

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to market your app reselling business, or any business for that matter. This is why focusing on a niche group of customers is so crucial. We suggest that you choose a market (restaurants, auto shops, eCommerce stores) and then begin the customer search in your local neighborhood. This way, you’ll get referrals in both the area and that market.

2. If you utilize social selling, you’re 50% more likely to meet or exceed your sales goals.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram all come into play when selling your mobile apps. Keep in mind that these shouldn’t be your primary selling platforms. It’s prudent to get started with email marketing, cold calling, local events and Google Ads. After that, expand your business to social for a more personal touch.

3. 44% of salespeople generally give up after they complete just one follow up

The main lesson here is that some small businesses may just not have the time for you at the moment. Keep following up until they either give you a hard “no”, or they actually want to talk to you about your services.

4. The worst time to contact a potential client is on Monday

No one likes Mondays. Skip your sales calls and emails on Mondays and work on something else.

5. Subject lines are the main reason that 33% of email recipients open their emails

It’s recommended that you spend about 80% of your time devising the email subject line before sending out sales messages. The information in the email is obviously going to complement the subject line, but it’s useless when people don’t open.

6. Business to business customers are becoming increasingly desensitized to words like “reports”, “intelligence” and “forecasts”.

You’re most likely working with small businesses, so skip the buzz words and tech jargon.

7. You’re 30% more likely to make a sale in November or December

The holidays bring about all sorts of spending, and it’s not just from retail consumers. B2B clients are just as hungry to look for new ways to expand their businesses in the coming year.

8. Your tone accounts for 86% of your effective communication

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the phone or talking to someone face to face. Heck, this could also apply when writing to someone through email. If your potential customer feels like you’re grumpy, trying to rush the sale or sounding like a used car salesman, chances are you’re going to lose the sale.

Therefore, it’s essential to put on a smiling face, talk in an understandable and friendly manner, and speak to potential clients with their own needs in mind.


Over to You…

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed some of these wonderful stats for mobile app sales. If you have any questions about selling apps, or if you would like to sign up for the iBuildApp reseller program, let us know in the comments section below.