8 Ways to Score More Clients with Your Own Mobile App

From barber shops to mechanics, lawyers to freelance designers, all of these professionals require you to accumulate clients and build up a reputation for making more money. You can build your own mobile app for that.

The folks at BidSketch have a wonderful article on how to accumulate more clients for your company, and these tips include establishing yourself as an expert in the market, networking, mixing passive and active marketing, joining industry Facebook groups and forums and creating a services page.

All of these are wonderful for your general client-scoring tasks, but what about utilizing your own mobile app to make it a client generating machine?

After all, everyone is walking around with their phones, so there must be some simple ways to pitch your services and bring in new clients with the help of your mobile friend.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a nice list of ways to score clients with your own mobile app.

Encourage Satisfied Customers to Share Your Own Mobile App

your own mobile app

Assuming you already run a somewhat successful business, this means you already have some clients who have enjoyed your services. If that’s the case, it’s essential to send out an email or a text asking them to share your own mobile app with other people who might benefit from your services.

Sending a link to a website is fine, but your own mobile app is an easier way for them to quickly open your portfolio or booking page on a mobile interface. That way, when the potential client receives the friend’s message on the bus or train, they can save it for later.

Post Testimonials for Social Credibility in Your Own Mobile App

From video testimonials to written testimonials, these are some of the most beneficial bits of information you can put on your own mobile app, since they show others that previous people have used your services and enjoyed them.

Provide a Reservations Page with Free Opportunities for Potential Clients in Your Own Mobile App

your own mobile app

Let’s say you’re a lawyer. In order to bring in clients, why not have a contact form that tells people they receive a free consultation for your services? This tactic not only prompts people to send you a message, but it provides a risk free way for them to understand what your services are all about.

Incorporate a Portfolio or Gallery to Show off Your Past Work

There’s no chance you book new clients unless they know what type of work you do. This doesn’t work for everyone, but a designer, hair stylist or architect can sure benefit.

Get Social Through Your Own Mobile App

your own mobile app

Link up your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that your current customers can see your feeds through your own mobile app. If they see something they like, the customers may share it on their own pages, possibly pushing new clients to check out your services.

Create an Incredible Mobile App and Get it Featured in a Publication

This works well for local publications, since you can tie your app into an announcement or press release. Ensure your app is out of the ordinary, and when you want people to contact you for services, leave a link in the article that directs them to the app download page.

Write Content and Share it Through Your Own Mobile App

your own mobile app

If one of your customers notices a cool article in your mobile app feed, they may just consider sharing it with someone they know. After that, the recipient may ask where they can also sign up for your mobile app and get your services.

Include a Download Link to Your Mobile App on Your Website

Although mobile apps are rather popular, it’s still quite common for people to navigate to your website or even just see an ad online for your services. Let’s say you write a blog post and a person searches for the topic, landing them on your website. This is great news, and they may just enjoy the content you created.

However, if you don’t capture their information or get them to contact you, what’s the point? When you include a link to your app on your website they can click and download it after reading your blog post. Then, when they need your design or lawyering services, they can simply open your own mobile app and send you a message or give you a call.

Over to You…

Now that you’ve had a chance to see new ways to score clients with your own mobile app, let us know in the comments section if you have any other techniques that work for building your business on the mobile front.