9 Surprising Stats on Mobile App Usage

Sometimes you stumble upon a stat that’s just too good to forget. The coolest thing about mobile app usage stats is that there are tons of people out there crunching numbers to figure out how many people are opening push notifications, deleting apps, using apps and even sharing them with friends.

Why? Because apps matter. They help consumers receive quick content and they help lots of businesses make a whole bunch of money.

Here are some surprising mobile app usage stats that will hopefully help you in figuring out your own mobile app strategy. With each state we talk about the opportunities or consequences for the trends to guide you along the way.

52 Percent of People in the US Use Mobile Phones to Take Photos

Why is this relevant to your mobile app situation? Because since so many people use their phones to take photos, you should be asking them to engage your company with those photos.

Everyone is a professional photographer with their phones now, so hold competitions where people submit cool photos using your product or just doing something creative. This creates the ultimate engagement between you and the customer while putting your brand in their mind.


76 Percent of People Tap Into Social Media on Mobile Phones

Are you using social media to its fullest on your mobile app? This mobile app usage stat is referring to both people who access social media through mobile apps and the mobile browsers, but it gives us a great way to understand that people want to use their phones for social interaction.

Get on social media and engage your customers through the app.


82 Percent of People Use Their Phones for Maps/GPS – mobile app usage

If you run a business with a storefront, this mobile app usage stat should scream out to you. If dollar signs aren’t already flashing in your eyes, then you might need an eye exam. The only way people find local businesses today is through the internet.

If you create an app with a nice map and directions feature you can easily bring people through your doors because they already use their phones for this anyways.


61 to 81 Percent of Respondents Prefer Using a Mobile Browser When Shopping on a Phone

This is an interesting mobile app usage stat since it might change the way you start to sell to your customers. Luckily iBuildApp includes a mobile browser and app version for your company so that you can reach out to customers through both methods.


iPhone Users Download an Average of 88 Apps Per Phone

This means that you have tons of competition for the home screen space on your customer phones.

That’s why design and offerings are so important in the mobile app world. If you don’t give out good deals and engage your customers on a regular basis then people will start to get rid of your app to download new ones.


Users Spend 86 Percent of Their Mobile Time on Apps

Mobile browsers still trail significantly when it comes to usage on mobile phones. Although the earlier mobile app usage stat said something different about shopping habits, this is a good indicator that customers want to connect with your company through a mobile app.


39 Percent of Apps are Used 11 or More Times

Once again, you can’t bore your users or they will get rid of your app. You want to make a goal to become one of those apps that is used far more than just 11 times and hit this goal by offering dazzling content through the mobile app usage.


60 Percent of All Users Opt Out of Push Notifications

This is troubling, but it gives you a great reason to make your push notifications sales pitch one of the best you can think of. You have one chance to convince people to opt in to your push notification, so make it count.


You Can Expect a 7 Percent Open Rate for Segmented Push Notifications

This is actually a nice mobile app usage stat, but the main take-away is segmentation. If you send out broadcasted push notifications that don’t connect with all your customers then you risk decreasing your open rates and losing customers who use your app.


Let us know in the comments section below if you have any thoughts on the stats that we just discussed. Share your opinions on mobile app usage and link to other studies that reveal stats that might help you and other mobile app creators in the future.