AMiON physician scheduling software: shift schedules, contact medical providers, hospitals and practices

A huge problem that many practices, residents, hospitalists and other medical providers have with their mobile apps is that they can’t view their physician schedule at a glance. iBuildApp Apps for hospitals, practitioners and care providers allow to post schedules where staff can view assignments, send documents and message to each other, sync work schedules to their personal calendars, submit requests, and swap work shifts similar to AMiON physician scheduling app.

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iBuildApp app enables patients to easily schedule an appointment with medical providers and physicians via online interface and mobile that is accessible from the website and app similar to AMiON physician scheduling.

Physicians and medical providers had access to their AMiON schedules via website only. With iBuildApp Acuity scheduling patients can view and book appointments by going through the app. The doctors schedules are available from the comfort of their phones.

How AMiON works similar to iBuildApp Physician Scheduling App


So, what is AMiON Physician scheduling?

AMiON is a software that allows setting up scheduling for patients and hospitals, medical doctors, clinics and practitioners. Physicians use it for scheduling and group text notification.

About Acuity Scheduling for Physicians and practitioners

iBuildApp Acuity Scheduling software to view on-call shift schedule, contact medical providers and practices is created for clinics, doctors, hospitals and residents. The appointment scheduling module is ideal for doctors, physiatrists, hospitals, medical care providers and more.

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iBuildApp Acuity scheduling apps support AMiON software that manages on-call schedules for hospitals and clinics. Each department creates and maintains its schedule. There’s no need in papers and no duplication of effort – only accurate, easily accessible schedules online and on mobile!

iBuildApp Acuity scheduling manages on-call and daily work schedules for over 10,000 physicians and other medical providers, from individual group practices to entire hospital systems. Physicians submit special requests and group administrators use Acuity online interface to create work schedules. These schedules include integrated notifications so that switchboard and other medical staff can reach on-call physicians quickly and easily.

How to use Acuity Physician Scheduling to automate your practice

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The Acuity Scheduling is another nice way to show where staff can view assignments, send pages, synch personal calendars to mobile app, submit special requests, and swap shifts online. Switchboard staff can make last-minute changes to keep schedules up-to-date.

The pharmacy apps are a little different from doctors apps. These ones more of informational and sales apps than for scheduling an appointment. Your customers will want to find the location of your practice, and it’s good idea to have some quick links to items like your contact phone, contact email address and locations.

Appointment Scheduling for Physician Apps


Your patients will want to go to a medical app in order to quickly make an appointment with you. This works out very well for users who are far more likely to contact their practitioner or the hospital on a regular basis. For example, old people are more likely to have their medical contact on speed dial, so why not just have your practice medical app with a quick appointment button?

Ask a Doctor, Contacts, Appointment features for your to practitioners network app

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There’s no reason to update your practitioners scheduling app if you have offices in a few locations.

- You can customize your calendar

- Customize your calendar view with easy color coding

- View schedules by week or month

- Check who else is on call

- See and add your colleagues’ schedule

Lets say you include your schedule in calendar in your own medical app. This is for telling patients and your colleagues when and where you will be available, but what happens if your patients want to look at the mobile app instead of going to the website?

Simply use this iBuildApp appointment scheduling feature so you don’t have to update two calendars whenever something changes. Just make changes on the one calendar and it syncs everywhere.

Make Your Own App for Physician Scheduling Network

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Acuity online scheduling helps hospitals automate their reservation process. The popular booking system shows available time slots that are still available and what times patients can book for. If someone cancels their reservations the system automatically places the time back on the app. Basically it removes the need for people to call in and make reservations, removing stress for your workers and customers.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below if you have used any of these mobile features in your own mobile app. Let us know if you can think of any other interesting features that you can’t currently find on iBuildApp that might help you automate your appointment scheduling process.