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How to make an app
5th Grader Trying to build a friendshipping app
We know nothing about coding, but we are trying to create an app that will make it an easy way for children to connect for play dates. We thought we could figure it out ourselves, looks like we are stuck. Help!
How to make an app
How to make an app
somos una compañia de comidas en costarica
How to make an app
What Club
an application that finds specific night clubs for people
How to make an app
I want to create an application that will help student
How to make an app
How to make an app
want an app that shows all the upcoming and current gigs
I want an app that shows all the upcoming and current gigs and public functions around the country be it church, musical, cultural, governmental functions. Also need help in creating a way to get money from both advertisers and app users.
How to make an app
Информационная справочная служба
Здравствуйте! Проект представляет собой приложение - программу оптимизирующую процесс связи клиента, с магазинами. Клиент отправляет запрос с информацией о необходимом ему товаре. Продавец получив запрос, отвечает о наличии и стоимости товара. Запрос должен отправляться сразу всем магазинам выбранным по параметрам. В приложении будет необходима кнопка фотографировать, звонить из приложения. Тематика данной услуги направлена на подбор запчастей к легковым автомобилям.
How to make an app
Tutor from home VIC
Parents can teach their own children skills and knowledge in English and Mathematics with the help of this app. It demonstrates how to teach a subject to your child depending on their ability level and learning style.
How to make an app
App design for my news website
I am looking for an app designer that will design android and IOS app for my news website. The app is to be posted to android and apple market.
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