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How to make an app
How to make an app
grocery store app
i reside in jamaica and is intrested in building a grocery store app. however i am not keen on how to do so and would love for some assistance
How to make an app
Heart Taker
My project is a music station!
How to make an app
Education for kids
I need it to be at least appropriate for children and fun
How to make an app
Pet Parent App
Need an app for pet parents and an app for doctors for Video and text consultation along with online shopping of products and other services such as pet grooming, pet ambulance, and pet transport options.
How to make an app
Learn Solar with Loom Solar
It will be a platform to provide solar training.
How to make an app
I am wanting to create an app for my online shop buisness which specialises in creating clothes for children, men and women plus more. I want to create the app so Customers can access my website from wherever the are without having to go online to the website
How to make an app
Creating A Gaming App So That I Can Have My own Game Like Roblox which should have a studio and original game.There is only one but i will be hiring more
How to make an app
How to make an app
KJV Bible 4 dyslexia
i would like the app to have all the colour options to change the page background to help combat dyslexia and i would i also like the Bible app to have verse of the Day everything like the kjv bible on the play store but much more better hope to speak to you after a mock up of the app also i would like the info of the church on the app and a paypal icon so people can securely pay tithes safely from anywhere and infomation of sermons and missions reports
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