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How to make an app
Buenos dias, Ahi va el prototipo de la App que quiero crear Description project: The aim of this project is to develop a system composed of a CMS web backend part and an app. The app will be a mixture of an alarm clock and a catalogue of humor drawings. The system should have the following characteristics: Basic specifications: It should work and adapt correctly on android and IOS phones and tablets. It will be published in all markets. It must be connected to Google and Apple billing systems as it can work by subscription. It may also accept advertising from these companies for unsubscribed users. The user must be able to share the vignette he or she is viewing in social networks (Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, whatapp, etc.) with a personalized message referring to the app. Users will be able to make comments on each drawing that other users can see. CONTENT There will be three versions of each cartoon: in Spanish, in English and with blank texts. The size of the drawings will be variable. There may be a variable number of collections. The user can browse the collections and subscribe to receive notifications of some of them. The system will identify the language of the phone. There will be an app configuration file that can be updated remotely. The user can also indicate the language he wants regardless of the phone settings in the application preferences. The list of available languages will be on the server. The app will communicate to the backend the language configured in the phone as well as the one chosen by the user. The backend will send notifications to the app when a new release is available. There will be user readable notifications and others that will be for internal use of the app (for example new configuration file available). The notification server must take the user's language into account. When it receives a new history notification, the app will connect to download it. The app will call the server to request a vignette, in that call will indicate various information such as: the language required, the date, the keywords, collection, etc.. The server must return the corresponding bullet if it has this language or the English version. If the user has the phone configured in a language other than English or Spanish, the bullets will be downloaded. For languages other than Spanish and English, the system must allow the translation of the texts using Google translator or similar. Each bullet will have a file associated with the Spanish texts to be used for translation. Plus a list of keywords for the search engine. The user will be able to see bullets by date. They can be stored on your phone or downloaded from the server. You must have a keyword search engine. The application menus will be at least in English and Spanish. The system will have centralized control of the visualizations of the vinetas and there will be a ranking of the most read ones that will be shown in the app. You should have a screen with a webview where you will see an external page to promote other products. The user will be able to set the alarm clock and will be shown the last bullet received as it sounds. You will need to have a notification system to send text to users or notify the app to download a new bullet. BACKEND CMS The system will have a web backend that will allow the cartoonist to upload vignettes and associated information, as well as schedule their departure by dates. Three versions of the cartoon will be uploaded, one in Spanish, one in English and one with blank texts. Likewise, the texts of each cartoon will be uploaded in Spanish to be used with Google translator or similar. These text will be used as tags for searches, the system will allow the cartoonist to include additional tags. When uploading the vignette, the system will allow you to define the areas where the translated texts should be written using rectangles. As many rectangles as you have indicated will be asked for and each of them will be associated with its corresponding text. The backend system will generate from each uploaded drawing a version in each language that has reported the installed applications different from Spanish and English. To generate these drawings, the system will use the blank vignettes as a base and will paint the information in the appropriate language. This translated information will be requested from Google translator for each of the texts associated with that bullet. The system must provide statistics with information received from each of the installed apps: Readings of each cartoon Terminal language and user-configured language. Identification of each user and dates on which the app opens. You can also view and delete user comments. DESIGN Three screens A splash screen A second screen where the characters of the cartoons are presented as there are several series of strips and there are strips by other authors A third screen where you can see the vignette
How to make an app
Hew Hew Dinovery
Online restaurant What needs to be in the app? 2.Menu 3.Ordering Information 4.Delivery time 5.Customer Service 6.Customer position 7.Restaurant location 8.Notify when ordering I will do an online restaurant on campus.
How to make an app
the right religion | دين الحق
لإسلام ديانة إبراهيمية وسماوية، وهو ثاني الديانات في العالم من حيث عدد المعتنقين بعد المسيحية.[2] والمعنى العام لكلمة الإسلام هو الاستسلام لله،[3] أي تسليم كامل من الإنسان لله في كل شؤون الحياة.[4][5] يؤمن المسلمون أن الإسلام آخر الرسالات السماوية وأنه ناسخ لما قبله من الديانات؛ كما يؤمن المسلمون بأن محمدًا رسول مرسل من عند الله، وخاتم الأنبياء والمرسلين؛ وأن الله أرسله إلى الثقلين (الجن والإنس). ومن أسس العقيدة الإسلامية الإيمان بوجود إله واحد لا شريك له هو الله،[6] وكذلك الإيمان بجميع الأنبياء والرسل الذين أُرسلوا إلى البشرية قبل محمد، كالنبي إبراهيم ويوسف وموسى والمسيح عيسى بن مريم وغيرهم كثير ممن ذكروا في القرآن أو لم يُذكروا، وأنهم جميعًا كما المسلمين، اتبعوا الحنيفية، ملة النبي إبراهيم، والإيمان بكتبهم ورسائلهم التي بعثهم الله بها كي ينشروها للناس، كالـزبور والتوراة والإنجيل وصحف إبراهيم.
How to make an app
guerra music
guerra music es una aplicacion para escuchar musica
How to make an app
tipico internacional
app para hacer domicilio desde mi restaurante
How to make an app
Приложения TOP10-это приложения подбираеть 10 самых лутший музикий
How to make an app
esta app es buei buena para iphone y para android descarguela y vera que le vas a gustar muscho
para creal app juego musica y mas
How to make an app
Создание приложение
Здравствуйте,нужно создать приложение для службы доставки в appstore и playmarket и привязать ее к программе frontpad.
How to make an app
Preparation for publishing
Can I get an idea how much it will cost to help me get my app prepared for publishing marketing and the best way to market my app
How to make an app
App to provide household services
This app will brng in the electricians,plumber,mason,labor etc to a single platform and enable the user to book the above at ease.
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