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How to make an app
Приложение счет-фактуры
Приложение счёт фактуры,оптовый магазин игрушек,счет фактуры должен быть доступен клиенту.
How to make an app
Apps based application for Management , Operation Team and Farmers. Management to access info on the fly on corn plantation , yield and inventory. Operation Team to input daily work done for seedling , planting , fertilisation and harvesting . Farmer - register as approve supplier consisting on their personal data, type of corn planted and other legal land permits. Thanks
How to make an app
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تجاره السيارات
How to make an app
The project is aimed at building easy communication between the company and the clients. 1. to send out an alert of a filled garbage bag/bin. 2. The app should send out notifications and approvals of service subscription. 3. access to Google Maps
How to make an app
consultation app where client can call after payment , for a restricted period, after that it will ask him to subscribe again, if he wants to call
How to make an app
APP Quotation
I am enquiring to find out how much it will cost if a pro app designer would assist us in creating an app for our business concept. Would you be able to send me a quote on this please? Kind regards. BW
How to make an app
Reading Out Loud
I want to create a read out loud app to help readiness. I have created a series of books and flashcards that I would like to make an app.
How to make an app
Актанышская СОШ №1
Даже не представляю
How to make an app
I have an app idea that I do not have the experience to produce. The app is basically a shopping list that can have its items added via pictures or by manually typing in and can be accessed by ,multiple members of a household.. It will also have coupons, price checking, a receipt scanning to verify purchase, and a section that can have recipes added to it. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide, thank you.
How to make an app
Создание мобильного интернет магазина
Создание топ приложения в тематике сайта
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