9 Powerful and Persuasive Words to Use in Your Mobile App

Think about how many times you browse online or walk into a store only to be bombarded by call-to-actions that prompt you to buy. Did you ever think to create an app?

Words and phrases like “Buy Now!” or “Limited Time Only” are constantly hammered into your skull, many of which are rather effective.

You can even check out a huge list of power words at Business2Community to boost your mobile app sales lingo in order to push more sales.

Since converting customers is the whole point to create an app, we want to share with you some of the most powerful and persuasive words to use in a mobile app. Each of these are proven to increase conversions by showing customers the logical next steps. Keep reading to strengthen your mobile app’s written content.

Tips and Tricks when you create an app

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If you don’t have content that directly walks people through tutorials, similar to a “How To” article, you have a chance to share tips. The word tips (or tricks) immediately grabs the attention of people who have bought your products or services in the past and want to learn about the best ways to use them or make them better.

A great example is for a hair salon with a mobile app. Once a customer comes in to get their hair done, you can provide a Tips page on your mobile app, explaining ways to keep the hair styled and looking good for the coming weeks.

New- when you create an app

If you’re selling a new service or item, this is the word you want to employ. It’s a strong way to show people that something new is coming along and they don’t want to miss it. This is especially important for your loyal customers, because marketing an upcoming event, product or service is always more appealing if they have never heard about it before. Not only that, but customers often like knowing they are the first ones to see something.


how to create an app

Using the word “Now” pushes a sense of time and urgency onto your customers. Whether you pair it with the word “Buy” or simply insert a phrase like “Now is the time,” it insists that users may not have all the time in the world to take advantage of a great deal.

How To

This is similar to tips, but it suggests that the reader is going to learn about an in-depth topic. Perhaps you sell smartphones through your mobile app. Consider making mobile articles and blog posts that guide your customers on how to clean their phones or repair a broken screen.

You (Or Your)

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Don’t you feel more engaged when a writer is speaking directly to you? That’s the power of “you,” since it reaches out to the reader as someone you care about. Your tone becomes more conversational as opposed to cramming a bunch of buzzwords down their throats.

This works wonders in blog posts, mobile app copy and even product descriptions. thin about it if you decide to create an app..


Free is a dangerous word when used improperly, considering it can often be associated with spam. That said, you’re using it in a mobile app, so if you pair it with a genuine offer and use your own voice, these four little letters bring in flocks of customers looking for a free service or item.

I will say that you want to utilize free offers wisely, so make sure you are bringing in sales (BOGO) or acquiring email addresses (with free eBook giveaways) in order to make it valuable for your business.

Sale (Or Clearance)

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There’s not much to say about this word, since it speaks for itself. Informing your customers about a sale is a surefire way to convince them to spend more or book more reservations through your mobile app.

A sale is even more powerful when you pair it with the next word on the list.


Customers enjoy special treatment, and if they realize that they are part of an exclusive group of people, it makes them feel like a VIP. Exclusivity is known as a powerful selling point, and it works by providing offers to individual groups of customers, like those who follow you on Facebook or those who are subscribed to your email list. (Or better yet, those who have your mobile app downloaded on their phone.)

Thank You

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No marketing word carries the same weight as a genuine thank you. When your mobile app customers realize that you genuinely appreciate their business, it goes a long way. Take the time to share why you love doing business and that all of this is possible due to the customers.It’s important to keep in mind once you decide to create an app.

That’s it! Hopefully you can take this quick list and modify some of the words and call-to-actions you currently have in your mobile app. If you have any questions or other suggestions on powerful marketing words, leave us a comment in the section below.

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