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The 5 Best Apps for Department of Education: Florida, SC, California, Georgia, Arizona, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, New York City NYC

Many Schools from different states created apps independently from Department of Education from their states (Florida, SC, California, Georgia, Arizona, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, New York City NYC) that include school lists, proficiency test results, expenditures, list of teachers, students submission forms, school report cards, news

When the summer ends and the school bell rings it’s time for kids to get back in gear for tests and extracurriculars. For parents, the school year is a time to make sure their kids stay on task and keep up with upcoming school events. If you are an administrator from department, don’t you think your parents and students would like an easy way to keep up with Educational activities and events from the convenience of their Mobile Apps? Many Departments of Education created such apps in states such as California, Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Virginia, Georgia, SC – south carolina, NYC, Arkansas, New York City, Arizona

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With iBuildApp an administrator now have a chance to choose for free pre built Best Apps for Educational programs agency. This allows them to modify your own school’s branding. In just a few clicks you can send out lunch menus, sports schedules and test dates for parents and students alike. Who says phones and tablets have to be a burden on the educational environment? Embrace technology by making it into something productive.

Several middle, elementary and high schools from departments of education from Florida, SC, California, Georgia, Arizona, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, New York City NYC have already created beautiful Education Apps with iBuildApp and so can you. Take a look at some of our favorites to get some ideas and build mobile app for your state today.

Jamesburg Public Educational App for NJ and NYC

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The Jamesburg Public Schools School App is a great example of how a network of schools uses a single app to keep students and parents informed. The Educational app starts with a sleek homepage, complete with school colors and uniform buttons for easy navigation. It includes quick call buttons to every branch of the public school, and students and parents can even look at the most recent announcements to stay up to date. This school created app without help from NJ Department of Education similar to Florida, SC, California, Georgia, Arizona, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, New York City NYC. The closest to NJ – NYC, operates the public schools in New York City and is the largest school network in USA.

The public school takes it a step further by offering contact information to all the staff from every school. This way, if parents have questions about anything the educational staff is just a click away.

Spring Lake Heights App for NJ

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Spring Lake Heights School Apps incorporate fun design with creative buttons to help students and parents throughout the school year. If parents know that their child is going to be absent during a certain period of time they can go into the app and submit an absentee form. This warns the school and allows a quick way for parents to contact the educational staff.

The school also allows access to its Parents Portal through an easy HTML form, and you can even learn about lunch menus, sports events and payment options.

Henry Hudson Regional school network from NJ

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Henry Hudson Regional School Apps have just about everything you need for your state – NJ. The app includes a map which helps prospective parents and students find the school. It also might assist babysitters or relatives who don’t usually bring the kids to school. The school news area sends out up to date information to keep people informed on things such as summer school and cafeteria debit card systems.

The app even offers a direct link so students and parents can log in to their personal accounts. This apps was created independently from NJ and New York City departments.

Sunrise Middle School that belongs to Arizona

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Sunrise Middle School from Arizona created sleek, minimalist School Apps for parents with younger kids. They linked up their Google Calendar so that any time the school updates the calendar it gets pushed directly to the mobile app. This cuts down on time it might take to update both a website and a mobile app.

The school from Arizona Department of Education is similar to Florida, SC, California, Georgia, Arizona, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, New York City NYC, even includes their Facebook page so that parents no longer have to switch between screens if they are navigating through the mobile app and then they want to checkout the Facebook page. Everything is packed into one nice app for everyone to enjoy. This app also was created without help from Arizona state that performs administration and policies governing the state’s public schools.

Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute for Education

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The Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute does branding right, with its bold red colors and logo on the front page. It provides a nice gallery to show what kids have been up to at the school. This also helps showcase what events occur at the school for prospective families. Click to call and email buttons are great, but this app shows that listing emails and phone numbers is nice for writing them down for later or if you need to read them off to someone.

If you are an admin at Department of Education from states Florida, SC, California, Georgia, Arizona, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, New York City NYC that needs apps for your state let us know in the comments section below. We work with all states. For questions & comments regarding education issues we recommend to contact your state Commissioner.

Share your thoughts on these school mobile apps above and explain any other cool features that might work well for an elementary, middle, high school or even college.

In the next blog post we will show apps created by schools in Florida, that are managed by Florida Department of Education similar to SC, California, Georgia, Arizona, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, New York City NYC and that offers directories of schools and colleges by district and name along with press releases, publications, statistics, and employment opportunities in Florida.

The California department of education site, similar to SC, California, Georgia, Arizona, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, New York City NYC, includes general educational information such as parent and teacher resources, budget and performance data, grants and legislation. Established by the Indiana General Assembly, the State Board of Education oversees state education policymaking. Virginia State Education is the Gateway to Virginia’s school system. Includes information on teacher licensure, education resources, current legislation, Standards Of Learning (SOL) Testing.

Usually the Department’s website provides information about the offices, programs and assistance services such as funding opportunities, education statistics and publications.