How to Design Your Own Custom App Template

Design Your Mobile App Template

Get ready your images and pictures

You need App Logo, Buttons, Icons and Background (optional).

custom template

Open Design Template page

In order to start select My Templates from drop down on the top under your account. Hit Create Template button.

design template
custom template

Design Template page

Drag and Drop buttons, app tabs, image icons, labels, etc to the preview to the right. Edit them on the right pane.


Edit Background

Upload your app background on Edit Properties panel.

app template
app design

Add Your App Logo

Drag-n-drop Picture icon to phone preview.
Then edit your logo file on the right pane.

app template

Design Buttons

Drag-n-drop Button icon to the Phone preview.
Edit Button properties on the right.
Click on “Duplicate” if you want more buttons.

app template

App Tabs

Drag-n-drop Menu icon to the phone preview.
Add buttons to the tab bar (for example Facebook and Twitter). Choose menu icons from the library. Rename them.

app template

Use Your Custom App Template

Set your template public or private.
Sell Your Template on our Themes Marketplace with Public settings or use internally in your apps.

Create Template!