Essential Sales Tips for Mobile App Resellers

Let’s face it. At some point you’ll have to become a salesperson. If you’re an app reseller, guess what? You’re going to have to sell at some point.

If you’re a designer or really anyone in the mobile space, selling comes as part of the territory. No, it’s not going to be a hardcore sales job, but you will need to follow some rules and best practices to make the best out of the situation.

Take a look at the sales tips below to ensure that you land your next big client.

Think About Objections and When They Might Arise

Essential Sales Tips for Mobile App Resellers

When talking to a potential client, topics will arise that cause a little conflict. For example, the person might argue that the design isn’t user-friendly enough. In this case it might seem like you should defend your work, but that’s not the case. In short, designing for a client requires flexibility. These are corporate clients with their own needs, so don’t treat it like every design is your own masterpiece.

Rejection is Part of It

Don’t get discouraged by rejection. You can expect the majority of people to say “no,” so there’s no reason to get down about it. However, you should take notes about each rejection and identify the parts that you can improve.

Know Everything About Your Product/Service

Essential Sales Tips for Mobile App Resellers

This is going to help when it comes to answering questions and sounding confident. Sometimes you might not know the answer to a question, but having full knowledge of your product provides the confidence you need to not stumble over your words and sound silly.

Stray Away from Talking about Competition

In my experience you should leave the bashing to the person you’re trying to sell. If they’ve had problems in the past with your competition, they can talk about them all they want. However, you should stay out of it. In fact, your best bet is to say “okay,” then revert the conversation to how you can solve the problems encountered in the past.

When you avoid talking about a competitor it makes you look composed and calm, while also more like a decision-maker who’s all about thinking rationally.

Make Benchmarks and Try to Hit Them Based on Metrics

Essential Sales Tips for Mobile App Resellers

Do you have any idea how many calls are being made per day or how many emails you’ve sent out over the past week? If not, it’s time to start tracking that. The best salespeople (even if sales is only part of your job) make goals and try to hit them every day. If you don’t hit a goal you can ask yourself what you’re doing wrong.

For example, you might be spending too much time on potential clients who are clearly going to be difficult clients in the first place. In that case, you might find it useful to make a list to identify bad clients.

Overall, tracking your sales communications and using those metrics to make yourself better is one of the easiest ways to make sure you’ve done your sales job properly.

After the Pitch – Ask For Their Business

Essential Sales Tips for Mobile App Resellers

This is the call to action, and it’s often not done by inexperienced salespeople. It seems so simple. To some people it seems rude. Regardless, ending a conversation where you literally ask the person for their business is one of the easiest ways to close the deal.

That final call to action often grabs the folks who are currently on the fence. The good news is that you generally don’t get stuck with bad clients, since many of them are the super indecisive ones that won’t respond to this question in the first place.

Are You Ready to Start Selling Your App Services the Right Way?

Just because you consider yourself an app reseller or developer doesn’t mean you have to make sales every day. However, pitching clients is part of the job at some points. If you have any questions about these essential sales tips for mobile app resellers, let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, feel free to bookmark these tips for your next sales call.

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