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Advanced App Features

iPhone, Android, iPad Smartphones and Tablets
Social Sharing Facebook, Twitter, Email, QR code
Notifications push notifications, GPS notifications
Mobile Analytics downloads, activity
Mobile ads Make money from your app
eCommerce Sell your goods, accept payments
  • HTML page

    Impress your followers with the main page, make your app unforgettable with home screen.

  • Web page

    Display an URL inside of embedded web browser.

  • RSS/Atom Feed

    Parses an RSS feed URL you provide to display the title and description fields of RSS feed items.

  • Video List

    Displays videos you provide as a list with titles and text descriptions.

  • Events

    Publish your events: date, title, and description.

  • News

    Post news stories from the CMS, or automatically from your RSS feed.

  • Audio Stream

    Provide live audio stream from your website.

  • Video Stream

    Displays videos you provide as a list with titles and text descriptions.

  • Photo Album

    Share your Picasa or Flickr photo albums, or upload images from other sources!

  • E-Book

    Publish your book on iPhone!

  • Twitter

    Bring your twitter account and conversations into your app to keep the discussion flowing.

  • Facebook

    Give access to your Facebook wall – integrate your Facebook social profile.

  • Google Maps

    Google Maps is a great way to make it easy for your customers to find you!

  • Google Calendar

    Keep your audience updated with Google Calendar!

  • Tap to Call

    Call (phone number you provide) using the iPhone’s built-in telephony application.

  • Tap to Email

    Email (email address you provide) using the iPhone’s built-in email application.

  • Contacts

    Provide easy access to your contact information; display several contacts with one instance of the module!

  • e-Commerce

    Sell products directly through your app!

  • Take a picture

    Make a picture with device’s photo camera and share it within the app

  • Custom form

    Create a custom input form for appointments, reservations, surveys, contact form, etc

  • Coupons

    Create and share coupons to offer special discounts to your customers: use RSS feeds or HTML editor

  • QR code

    The module immediately opens up the phone’s camera and takes you to barcode scanning screen.

  • Calculator

    Make math as simple as possible with custom calculator!

  • Fan Wall

    Connect with your users in real time.

  • SoundCloud

    Share music from SoundCloud in your mobile app.

  • Custom module

    Create your own Extension using our Mobile SDK and integrate it into your app.