According to a recent study, 16 percent of your mobile app users download the app and never use it a second time. In essence, people like seeing what you have to offer and then they ditch out if it doesn’t interest them unless you use user logins with google analytics. This is troubling for all small businesses, considering so many mobile apps flood the market on a monthly basis.

It’s a Catch-22. Your company needs a mobile app to stay relevant, but spending time and money to develop one is wasteful if no one ends up using it after one try.

Mobile app building platforms like iBuildApp give you the tools to generate a quality mobile app interface. But what additional products allow your company to really stand out?

The good news is that dozens of companies develop products that complement the iBuildApp interface. Customer retention is what you need to focus on after you design your mobile app, because if no one sticks around, what’s the point of having the app?

Let’s take a look at a few customer retention products that you need to activate in your app to make it more successful.

Google Analytics – learn how to track user logins

google tag manager

Google Analytics is a free product offered through Google to help you understand who is coming to your mobile app. The google analytics interface gives you information to test exactly what is working on your app and why people stick around in the first place by using login. You can always survey your customers, but this should be your first plan of attack.

All iBuildApp mobile apps have user logins with google analytics installed from the start. You simply need to activate your google account to get the ball rolling. Use your account email to start.

  1. Create a Google Analytics login account
  2. Open Your app dashboard in Settings

    signing account
  3. Copy and paste your Google Analytics ID into the designated field

  4. sign google
    tag manager

Advertisements and Promotions with google analytics login

Advertisements are not always perceived as the coolest thing in the world, but in this case ads help you reach out to those who haven’t used your application in a while. Ad products such as iAd and Admob allow you to target market ads to people who haven’t opened the app in a few weeks or months. You can set up google tag manager to track tags and code snippets on your website or mobile app. Tag manager can be added to AdWords or Google Analytics.

The iAD and Admob products can be activated from your App dashboard in the Promo tab.


Push Notifications and GEO Locations for tracking user logins with google analytics


According to a study shared by Marketing Charts, retention rates are 90 percent higher when the app has push notification opt-in features.

90 percent higher?!

That’s something to talk about, and for whatever reason many companies are still ignoring the power of push notifications. Think about the times you pull your phone out of your pocket. Most people do this when the phone rings or buzzes. A buzz or ring usually indicates that you received an email, text or voicemail. Everyone, and I mean everyone, pulls out their phone when it buzzes.

Texts have an almost 100% open rate, meaning that if you send push notifications then you can almost guarantee that people see the notification. Then all you have to do is cross your fingers and hope they open the app in reply.

User logins, testing and updates in your google analytics account

The only way to figure out why people are leaving your app is to conduct tests to find out what is wrong with certain parts of the app. We recommend trying A/B tests by creating Light, Promo and Business app editions for your company. In essence, you develop three different apps, share each of them with a certain portion of your customer base and test to see which ones perform the best. The Light app is one that is clean and minimalistic, the Promo app includes everything that sells to your customers and Business is the full fledged informational business app.

Another strong advantage that app owners have over other companies is the ability to submit updates. When you update your app it sends google push notification so people are inclined to use login to the app up and check out what’s new. It also gives the perception that your company is working hard to create the best customer experience. Don’t update the app too frequently, or people will ignore the updates. Try once a week or month so it’s not too annoying.

Google Analytics 360 Suite has the following

– Analytics 360

– Tag Manager 360

– Optimize 360

– Attribution 360

– Audience Center 360

– Data Studio 360

Kissmetrics have a nice blog post about analytics 12 Awesome Custom Google Analytics Reports Created by the Experts

Google Analytics is often used together with Google Webmaster Tools for web admins also developed by google.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have used any of these customer retention product features for your mobile app.