Google, WordPress and Microsoft Templates for Mobile Apps

At iBuildApp we understand what Google, WordPress and Microsoft Templates your users look for when it comes to building a business app.

microsoft office templates

Luckily, iBuildApp offers free pre-built business app templates so you don’t have to worry about any of this. You simply grab a template for your app that is already professionally designed, plug in your own details and hit the Publish button.

Are you wondering if Google, WordPress and Microsoft Templates for your industry have its own pre-built templates for you to play around with? Let’s take a look at each industry, and hopefully we can find something for you.

General Google, WordPress and Microsoft Templates for Business

Sometimes you just need a simple mobile template to customize exactly how you want your small business app to look. It doesn’t matter if you sell cookies or hats, because the small business mobile app templates offer ways to promote your products, send notifications and show contact info.


There are even a few Google, WordPress and Microsoft Templates for companies who offer business services like web design or marketing services.

Google, Microsoft Templates

Google and Microsoft Templates for Consulting Apps

Consulting businesses are a rare breed, because they are always quite unique. Consulting is a generic term, but we know that you want your company to stand out. Grab a consulting services Microsoft template and customize it however you want.

Microsoft Templates

WordPress Templates for Security Agency

Just because you are always out on the job protecting others doesn’t mean you can’t grab a security agency Google template to drum up new business.

Wordpress Templates

WordPress Templates for Discount Store

Discount stores are all the rage, but you miss out on business if you don’t have a mobile app to reach out to customers. Offer your discounts on mobile phones and tablets as well.


Microsoft Templates for Real Estate

Real estate agents need to be at several places at once, so why not provide your listings and contact information on a mobile app?

Wordpress and Microsoft Templates

There are various real estate templates to choose from, so take a look and see which one fits your brand the best.


Google Templates for Transportation Service

Whether you run a logistics company or a single truck, you need a mobile app to drive your business. These templates help share your services, prices and information on the company.

Google Templates

WordPress Templates for Car Dealership

Forget about those corny TV ads and reach out to people the way they want you to. Car dealership mobile app templates feature promotional tools, media pages to showcase your vehicles and an area to schedule an appointment.

Microsoft Templates

WordPress Templates for Photo Studio

Photo studio mobile app templates are a way to share your prices, services and portfolio. Imagine how easy it would be to send a link to your app so people could see your work.


Microsoft Templates for Law Firms

Share what your law firm does, and pick from numerous templates to fit your brand.


There are even customized Microsoft templates for family law.

Microsoft Templates

Microsoft Templates for Business Finance

If you are in the finance sector you understand the need for clients. Share personal finance tips with customers and tell people what type of stuff you invest in.


Google Templates for Fitness Club

There are tons of fitness apps in the iBuildApp store, so choose one that fits your brand

Mobile App Template

Get a more feminine or masculine look and include schedules, exercise and contact buttons.

Google, WordPress and Microsoft Templates

WordPress Templates for Beauty Salon

No beauty salon is the same, so there are plenty of WordPress templates to choose from. Tell people how much your services are, and include a reservations page.

Mobile App Template

WordPress Templates for Barbershop

This is similar to the beauty salon mobile app templates, but you get the true feel of the barbershop branding.

Wordpress Templates

WordPress Templates for Yoga and Pilates Studio

Some fitness studios are a bit unique, so iBuildApp offers a template just for Yoga studios.

Google Templates

There is also a pilates option to share info on classes and post testimonials.

Mobile App Template

Microsoft Templates for Healthcare

Choose from a wide selection of healthcare mobile app templates to display your services and even present a page for appointments.

Microsoft Templates

Google Templates for School and Education

The school templates are great because you can grab one for middle school, elementary school, high school and even regional or city public schools.

Google Templates

Throw in a logo and get started with school news, contact info and calendars.

Mobile App Template

Google Templates for Tutorials

Tutorial apps are perfect for just about any business. Share a class on your blog or get your students to download the course material.

Google Templates

WordPress Templates for Radio Station

Why not put your radio station in your listeners’ pockets? Post your music and even display video if you need to.

Wordpress Templates

WordPress Templates for Band and Musician

Any band can grab a template and share what they are passionate about. Post your tracks and share where you plan on touring.

Wordpress Templates

There is even a mobile app template for individual singers.

Mobile App Template

Magician Mobile App Templates

Magic anyone?

Mobile App Template

Google Templates for Bloggers and Writers

If you wrote a book, why not post samples of it on a mobile app?

Google Templates

Bloggers can grab a mobile template too, since there are options for travel, finance, politics, motivation and other blogging specialties.

Mobile App Template

Sports Mobile App Templates

Sports teams can post schedules, game locations and player info to share with fans and families.

Mobile App Template

Choose a football, tennis, baseball, golf, hockey or general sports template.

Mobile App Template

Non-Profit Google Templates

Reach out to the world by creating a mobile app that features recent news, photos and even a Help button for contributions.

Google Templates

Religious and Church WordPress Templates

If you run a church or religious organization you have plenty of mobile app templates to choose from. Post sermon videos, events and information on the religion.

App Template

There are even mobile app templates specifically for different religions.

wordpress Templates

Events and Conferences Microsoft Templates

If you need to organize a big birthday party or business conference, grab a template to keep everyone informed.

Microsoft Templates

Coffee Shop WordPress Templates Templates

Keep your customers warmed up with new deals on your coffee and even an event page.


Restaurant Templates

It doesn’t matter whether you run a high-class joint or a greasy spoon. There is a template for every restaurant.


Consider the fast food mobile app template, general restaurant option or even the sushi joint theme.

Mobile App Template

Google Shopping Templates

This is the bread and butter for using a mobile app. If you can sell your products to people on their phones then you truly take advantage of the ecommerce technology.

Google Templates

There are options for shoe, flower, hat, jewelry, fashion, antique, perfume online shops and more.

Mobile App Template

You can even just grab a general online shop mobile app template and customize it yourself.

Mobile App Template

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about Google, WordPress and Microsoft Templates and manipulating them to make them well-branded for your company. Drop a line if you didn’t find your industry on this list, and feel free to checkout and get started with the numerous mobile app templates from iBuildApp here.