Blood bank

I want to create a platform to solve emergency blood needs. This app should let the users know about blood banks, their inventories, how many unit is in hand. Its more like a social media for blood donors and recipients, blood banks and hospitals. People, Hospitals and blood banks can be able to login and use this app to post their needs, available units. Search patterns should prioritize blood group, nearby people with their blood group, nearby hospitals and blood banks. For example, I need a O negative blood, I can be able to share the needed blood group by posting an alert that triggers an alarm or an alert to the O negative user nearby and I can also be able to search O negative blood if it is available in nearby blood banks and hospitals.
How to make an app
Mohamed isaq mathani Mohamed isaq Mathani [email protected] 8072779368
posted November 12, 2020 5:24 AM
Country India
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