Need help to setup content sales / billing / delivery via APP

Hello, (I’m currently in Moscow, +7(985)9933864) I’m looking for professional help with building an App that will sell my magazine (photos in PDF + Videos). Technically it’s a purchase of each magazine issue (PDF+Vids) then opening access to downloading/streaming after payment is complete. For that, I assume, we need to understand: 1/ how would products be shown on the app (from where they will be taken? created inside app?) 2/ How to store content with user-level access? (so that only users that paid can access the content)? 3/ how would cart/checkout/billing happen? 4/ how the content to be delivered to user after payment? I need advisory & guidance on these questions, so then I’d be happy to use ibuildapp to go ahead. Thanks.
posted April 15, 2018 5:56 AM
Country United States
Industry Entertainment
Number of Employes 1

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