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Healthub will be a one-stop-for-everything fitness social media platform in which users can sign up into one of two categories: A follower or a creator. Creators will be people with online fitness businesses where they can: Share their favorite products/protein/supplements etc. An alternative to a website in which athletes/professionals can engage with the customer/community for all their fitness needs. Creators can advertise and sell their meal plans/fitness plans etc. on their profiles and also offer free advice, whether they support vegan or keto etc. and even share their story to becoming fit. Followers will be the average user, someone who is trying to get fit and is looking for a way to engage with the community and ask questions etc. The app will have a way to track calories. The app will have a fitness Q&A page in which can answer hot topic questions about the fitness industry in order to garner more followers. I’m looking for a serious and powerful app that is innovating and worthy of revolutionizing the fitness industry.
How to make an app
Matthew Bennett Battimatty [email protected] 6046199781
posted August 4, 2020 12:13 AM
Country Canada
Company Name Healthub
Industry Lifestyle
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