How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Air Force

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Air Force

Today’s information age is characterized by rapid and fundamental change. It demands every industry to have a digital strategy in place. To put this into perspective, just over a decade ago, there were no ‘app’ stores as the first iPhone went mainstream; no real-time smart maps. Facebook was still in its infancy and Twitter was just an idea. Yet today, the increasing use of smartphones and tablets and the various mobile applications have become indispensable in most sectors of the economy.

The Air Force has even followed suit and is now deploying mobile apps in its military operations. And thanks to the growing number of no-code mobile application development solutions such as iBuildApp, creating a mobile app has become easier and cheaper. Air Force bases such as Eielson Air Force base, Vandenberg Air Force base, Travis Air Force base, Robins Air Force base, Kunsan Air Force base, Fort Bragg Air Force, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, Nellis Air Force Base, Joint Base Andrews are examples of air bases that are leveraging the iBuildApp platform. These solutions are helping Air Force bases create apps that deliver laser-focused functionality with a solid understanding of military objectives, resulting in high user satisfaction.

Through this primer we seek to assess the growing market of mobile apps in the Air Force and how they are transforming this sector.

Mobile Apps- Transforming the Air Force

Here’s a detailed look at how mobile apps are transforming the Air Force.

  • • Easy communication
A mobile app can offer the Air Force at all levels a better way to deliver relevant information to Airmen, their families and members of the local community in a timely manner. Airmen will be able to access local content, thus facilitating easy communication.

Furthermore, a robust mobile app offers a number of features that are meant to engage Airmen and reduce reliance on a desktop computer or laptop especially when it comes to accessing careers and other personal resources. Some of these features can range from Directory, Groups, Checklists, Polling, Events, Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Calculator, Notifications, among others; and can be customized at the local level so as to meet specific needs.

  • • Data availability
The Air force just like any other enterprise generates so much data and information from systems that are not connected to each other or able to interface to other systems. New data-sets are becoming available on a daily basis. As a result, accessing this data in real-time can be a challenge, hence the need for a mobile app.
The US Air Force, for instance, recently unveiled its Battle Record Information Core Environment (BRICE) mobile app, a move which is expected to save time and workload for aircraft maintainers. The app gives aircraft maintainers access to the maintenance database directly from the flight line at the point of aircraft repair; they can input, store and transmit data in real-time to the maintenance database using a handheld device. This means they no longer have to secure their tools, nor document the maintenance actions performed into a network computer at the office.

The result has been remarkable, that is, it is estimated that the app saves an hour or more of time per day when it comes to inputting maintenance actions into the system of record.

  • • Improve the Air Force Recruitment Process
Studies show that the recruitment process in the Air Force suffers a lot compared to other sectors largely due to the use of outdated processes. As a matter of fact, figures from a survey of young people aged 16 to 21 years by the Internal Defence Department note that the number of young people who expressed serious interest in joining the Air Force jumped from 7 percent to 11 percent. That fell back down to 7 percent a few years later as the war in Iraq became unpopular. Interest rose again to 10 percent after the economic recession.

A mobile application can be a gamechanger in the military recruitment process. It can lead to a faster, better and more advanced way to identify leads on potential recruits, convincing them to join up and seamlessly move them through the process of becoming Airmen.

  • • Provide Health Information
A mobile app can be a good way to provide correct, scientific and authentic health information to Airmen. They will have access to crucial features such as information on basic First Aid, nutritional facts and health topics, reminders for timely Medical Review, vaccination and utility tools like Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, health records, helpline numbers, etc.

  • • Smooth transition to civilian life
According to a survey on 8,500 veterans about their experience of transition, 60 percent reported significant challenges transitioning to civilian life.

No doubt about it- transitioning to civilian life from military can be a challenge as it involves moving from a highly structured military setup to a civilian world that is unfamiliar. It requires ex-military men to make a lot of choices within a very short time (think where to live, how to care for family members, whether to seek for employment or go to school, where to receive health care, etc.).

In fact, survey data indicates that veterans have more difficulty finding employment than other civilians. This has seen more than 50% of veterans file unemployment claims within the first 15 months of transition. As a result of this and other factors, veterans are feeling socially isolated.

Mobile applications can, therefore, be a good way of providing retired Airmen with the knowledge necessary to transition to civilian life in a cost-effective and accessible manner. They can help deliver a standardized information to large groups of people such as health-care (think assistance with disability applications), education, and employment transition, among others. Additionally, a mobile app is much more accessible to users than in-person appointments with health-care providers and counsellors.

Mobile Apps- Delivering on the Promise of Convenience and the Power of Technology

“Cobra Bit” App:

Official App of the 305th Maintenance Squadron. Connecting you with news, information, and events happening in the squadron.

“VAFB Dorms” App: Vandenberg AFB Dormitory App.

“Wolf Pack Dormitories” App:

Wolf Pack Dorms provides Kunsan AB’s current and new residents with a convenient method to submit work tickets, provide quick access to dorm related material, and aid inbound members with helpful travel information

“Duce Mobile” App: 2ars app portal

“Eglin AFB Dorm Management” App:

For residents and stakeholders of Unaccompanied Housing

“Fort Bragg ACS” App:

One-stop shopping for Army Community Service program information, calendar dates, contact information and service requests

“RAFBDorms” App:

Robins AFB dormitory resident information and work order submission app.

“Dorm Life” App: Nellis/Creech Dorm Residents
A mobile application offers so much opportunities: it is a chance for the Air Force to enhance digital transformation, reassess their practices, boost efficiency and most importantly it can be a good way of providing Airmen with streamlined access to information they need for their careers and life in general.

Do you desire to create a mobile app that is always-on, always alert and always able to help Airmen in their individual contexts and with a personalized touch, feel free to get in touch.

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