How to Create Festive and Engaging Mobile App Content for All Holidays

Whether it’s Christmas, New Years, Easter, Halloween or the Fourth of July, holidays are wonderful times to promote your business, and the easiest and quickest way to reach out to your customers is through mobile app content.

Think about it; If you send out an email it might not get read for a few days. If you post a banner ad on your site then there is no guarantee that people will notice it, and you have to assume that your customers will come to your site in order to see a promotion or something like that.

Since mobile apps boast pretty impressive numbers in terms of getting people to open up push notifications, you can assume that a last minute tweak on your mobile app content, event announcement or holiday promotion doesn’t get wasted.

Use a Schedule to Plan for the Big Holiday for your mobile app content

Planning for Christmas or Thanksgiving is tons of work, especially if you plan on hosting a party and having friends or family over. It’s just as difficult if you plan on creating a campaign to promote your business during the holidays.

Customers expect big savings during holidays, so they are more likely to open your notifications and keep an eye out for how they can save. Not to mention you are going to always be busier around holidays than you are during regular times.

Keep yourself organized by setting up a schedule and sticking to it in your mobile app content. Plan out which push notifications you are going to send out before the holiday, and even schedule times for new posts to your articles page, media page and social pages. This is important for your mobile app content.

Change Up Your Homepage Design

The homepage is the first place people land when they go to your website, so they need to see that you are indeed in the holiday spirit and either holding a promotion or trying to get people engaged.

Include a Santa Claus hat on your logo if Christmas is drawing near, or put some spooky ghosts on your homepage if Halloween is a few weeks away. This reminds people that the holiday is coming up and they might need to buy some gifts from your business.

Create Festive Coupons to Send Out Before the Holiday

With mobile apps you can always create a push notification that redirects customers to a coupon. Instead of sending out a standard coupon with your logo and a description, think about how you can get into the holiday spirit and get people excited about using the coupons for your mobile app content.

Send Out Notifications That Aren’t Strictly for Promotion

Sometimes the most effective messages are simply telling your customers to have a nice holiday and that you appreciate their support over the years.

Instead of always sending out advertisements and promotions through your mobile app content, think about telling them that you wish their family a Happy Thanksgiving or something like that.

If You Have a Company Holiday Party, Take Pictures and Share

Nothing is more engaging than some behind the scenes photos from your company. People hate buying from faceless companies, so the holidays are a chance to show the other side of your business in your mobile app content.

Post pictures of the festive foods you are eating during your holiday parties and share some fun pictures of your workers that constantly put in the work to help your customers.

Send Out Advice and Guides using your mobile app content

Think about how you can incorporate your products or services with the upcoming holiday. Even with something as boring as cardboard boxes, you can send out guides on your mobile app content to show how people can creatively use the boxes to make fun Christmas gifts.

Ask Customers to Share Their Fun

With iBuildApp you can ask people to send in pictures or even just start maintaining a Facebook feed for people to send in their favorite photos during a holiday.

Hold a contest or simply ask people to share what they are doing for the Fourth of July or Valentine’s Day. This creates an extremely strong bond between your company and its customers.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about how to create festive and engaging mobile app content for all of your holidays. If you have some other tips for the mobile marketers out there, drop us a line so we can get a little conversation going about using mobile content.