How to Make Money Selling Mobile Apps to Local Businesses

You’ve gone through courses in mobile app development and established that you’d like to create and sell apps to local businesses.

You could potentially make a decent amount of money and even end up constructing your own company with employees.

Sound like a wonderful plan, right?

Not so fast there.

Selling Mobile Apps

The goal is to make money, right? So, let’s consider an actual plan for how you’re going to go about doing that. Companies with a formal sales process are bound to make more money. Not to mention, you can set up all sorts of other marketing, sales and development tactics that will ensure that your clients are paying you well for your services.

I would assume everyone in the mobile app reselling game wants to maximize their profits, so keep reading to learn more about how to make big money selling mobile apps to local businesses.

Use Self-Promotion With Each of Your Apps to make money

This is an age-old selling tactic that becomes better and better with time. You’ve seen this on websites, where the site developer has a little link to her portfolio at the bottom of each site created.

The same goes for mobile app resellers. You should consider each one of your apps as a marketing tool to bring in more business.

Although some clients might request that you don’t do this, many of them will have no problem with a little banner or link towards the bottom of their app, especially if you deliver a beautiful app for them.

Therefore, prepare each of your templates with a link to your contact page, giving all users a chance to reach out to you whenever they might need a mobile app. Think about the scenario. You make an app for a hardware store. One of their customers uses the app, yet she also owns a jewelry store down the street. She likes the returns the hardware store is getting, so she promptly contacts you to get started with an app for her store.

Market Right: That is, For Small Businesses in Need of Mobile Apps

Marketing mobile apps to small businesses is a whole different ballgame. You’re not talking to people with tons of time on their hands, and many of the folks will have limited patience for jargon, or technology in generally.

Therefore, your company website and mobile app must deliver results, showing portfolios of your work and the pricing you ask for. Testimonials are great, along with landing pages to make things simple for your potential customers.

We recommend visiting local events to market your business, since small business owners thrive on these types of conversations. Finally, turn to social media and online ads once you feel you’ve tapped out those other resources.

Bring in Real Revenue from Customers to Make Money Selling Mobile Apps

One of the main reasons small business owners don’t keep paying for a mobile app is because they can’t find a real link between the app and increasing revenue. Therefore, you need ways to show that their customers are utilizing the app to buy more products or services.

Send your customers monthly reports to show them exactly how many downloads and users the app has. Make sure each of the company apps have some sort of coupon or specials page. This way, they can start seeing customers redeeming the coupons, as opposed to assuming that users are clicking around on the app.

Finally, either teach your clients to use push notifications, or offer the service to them. This way, they can see how customers respond to these notifications in real-time, as a simple promotional message during the lunch hour could boost a retail store’s traffic noticeably.

Don’t Forget About Ads

There’s not much to discuss here, but many small businesses find services through Google and Facebook Ads. You can now start to market your company through other platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. The only way you’re going to have success with this, however, is by targeting folks who have shown interest in mobile apps. Otherwise, you’re just sending out ads to people who don’t care.

Over to You…

Now that we’ve had a chance to cover ways to make money selling mobile apps to local businesses, let us know in the comments if you have any tactics of your own.