How to Write Content for Your Mobile App

When considering how to construct the perfect mobile app, most people would think about design, UX and content. Seeing as how the majority of the design and UX elements are covered for you with iBuildApp, that leaves you to construct your content in a way that will get people to consistently come back to your app.

Are your blog posts interesting enough? Do you have a news feed that’s going to make people feel educated when they come to your app? Is there a continual flow of promotions and coupons to make it worthwhile for customers to keep your app downloaded on their phones?

After all, the space on any person’s phone is valuable. They’re not looking to clutter up their mobile devices just because you’re a nice person running a small business.

No, they need that content to dazzle them, and that’s what you’re going to do.

So, let’s walk through all of the pages and elements that require content, and discuss what you need to conquer in order to make things work.

Keeping the Homepage Welcoming and Clean with Content for Your Mobile App

How to Write Content for Your Mobile App

It all depends on what you’re trying to sell or display with your app, but the content on the homepage needs to look sleek. You have too many odds against you to risk a bad design. All of your buttons should be readable and the background image needs to show exactly what it is you do as a business.

In addition, the homepage content should have a sense of cleanliness to it. Don’t overdo it with the buttons. Rather, think about the most crucial items to ensure that people know exactly where to go the first time they land on your app.

Another area to consider is the logo. Along with a professionally made logo, you’ll need to make the rest of your colors and branding elements match up. The homepage is your welcome mat, so make it count.

Tell a Story About Who You Are

How to Write Content for Your Mobile App

The glory about a mobile app About page is that it’s as simple as they come. You don’t have to worry about inserting tons of videos or images, but it certainly helps to get your message across. Although most customers will only stop by your About page once, it’s necessary to show them what type of business they are working with.

Many companies detail a timeline from start to present day, while others are more focused on today, with images of the company and details on the employees.

Whatever you do, keep it short and sweet. Customers are interested in quickly learning about your story, not reading a novel.

Ensure Sales With Killer Product Descriptions

How to Write Content for Your Mobile App

If you’re selling a product or service, descriptions are required. Many companies figure that mobile shopping isn’t as complex, so they skip the descriptions altogether. This is a bad move, since so many purchases are made based on the detail.

In fact, we would recommend going into as much detail as possible. Talk about brands, styles, colors, what the product can be used for and more. The worst case scenario is the customer stops reading.

Make Keeping in Touch Easy With Contact Pages

How to Write Content for Your Mobile App

If you’re planning on having a Contact Us page on your app, stick to the essentials. A form with what people need to fill in is just fine.

However, the better content selection would be in the form of a quick contact button. For example, many businesses have Email and Call buttons right on the homepage, cutting out the need for an extra step. This way, customers don’t have to think about what they need to do next.

They click on the Call button and before you know it you have a lead.

Make Your Tabs Say More (AKA Call to Actions)

How to Write Content for Your Mobile App

Promoting users to take action often only takes a quick change in your copy. For example, the screenshot above reveals a Find Us button, which is actionable and perfect for telling users that they can locate your business.

However, if the button were to say “Our Location”, that’s far less engaging, and therefore doesn’t necessarily work as a call to action.

Are You Ready to Start Pumping Out Content For Your Mobile App?

Now’s the time to look back at your app and spruce up the content. If you have any other suggestions for writing content on a mobile app, let us know in the comments section below.