Introducing 10 Awesome Apps for Math Students

Happen to be a Georgia Institute of Technology graduate, I am a huge fan of math, programming, coding, and everything related to STEM disciplines. And that is why when someone asks me a question about why I manage a blog about math assignments and why I develop mobile applications for students who learn math, I shrug my shoulders because the response is obvious: Students love gadgets. Students have to do the math. And I love both. I believe mobile devices can help students practice math skills and build their math fluency. And before you ask someone to do math homework for you, I would recommend trying mobile applications that could help to improve your mathematical skills and sharpen your math mentality. Not sure if any of them have been developed with iBuildApp, but yet they are worth your attention. Especially if you are a math geek, like me. If not, you’ll be. These apps cover a variety of activities, exercises, and materials for math learning. 1) Math Tricks will help students with calculating and let them learn some tricks of how to solve mathematical tasks faster. math-tricks 2) Wolfram Alpha deals with 29 disciplines, including math and physics. It calculates formulas, explains rules, provides statistics, and gives graphic representations. wolfram-alpha 3) Math Expert collects math and physics formulas to ease calculations. Everything you need to do is give it a formula, and the application will show how it’s possible to calculate it. math-expert 4) MyScript Calculator recognizes handwritten equations and calculates them. It’s smart to solve constants, square roots, trigonometric functions, percents, as well as basic arithmetic calculations. MyScript-Calculator 5) Complete Mathematics is a mobile application for those learning high school mathematics. With numerous categories such as quiz, tutorials, equations, math dictionaries, formulas, and others, this app does wonders. Complete-Mathematics 6) Math Ref helps to find and solve more than 1,000 formulas from chemistry, algebra, physics, and trigonometry. Also, it does basic calculations and provides users with a unit converter function. Math-Ref 7) GeoGebra is a free application for learning algebra and geometry. It brings all graphics, calculus, statistics, and spreadsheets together to make it easier for students to deal with their homework. Interactive learning is available with GeoGebra, too. GeoGebra 8 ) Mathspace can replace textbooks. Available mobile and online, this application solves 20,000+ interactive problems, recognizes handwriting, and completes a variety of math topics. Mathspace 9) FreeGeo Math lets students create geometric constructions by drawing them on the screen of their mobile device. Circles, lines, rectangles, squares – this application detects figures and create objects. FreeGeo-Math 10) DragonBox Algebra 5+ is a math game aimed at teaching algebra to kids. They learn elementary algebra and basic rules of mathematics with logic puzzles. Ten chapters with 200 different puzzles available. DragonBox-Algebra No matter what mobile application you will choose to deal with your math homework, it will work for good. With so many features available, applications make STEM disciplines interesting for students to learn and easier to accomplish. I am going to use iBuildApp features to create several new apps for students, so I will share some more opportunities to complete math assignments soon. Who said that math is boring?