Are you holding a promotional event and you need a way to connect with visitors after the show is over?

Do you need a way to keep in contact with clients you recently worked with? Repeat business is essential for agencies that manage talent, create promotional ads or send emails on mail chimp to expand the presence of other businesses.

Since 80% of time spent on mobile phones is in apps, according to Digital Buzz Blog, agencies should be on the forefront of the mobile revolution, connecting with customers and sending newsletter and promotional emails on Mailchimp with templates.

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Learn about how to cut down on expensive email marketing and promotion techniques by using a mobile app for your agency.

It Starts With Your Image when sending template emails on your Mailchimp account

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When companies seek out marketing agencies they tend to look at portfolios, articles and how the company represents itself to potential clients. After all, if the agency can’t get its act together for its own company how can it make other companies look reputable?

1. Develop a sleek homepage that features a simple, yet elegant design.

2. Share buttons to the most important parts of your company, or the areas that provide the most value to your clients.

3. Send emails about information on the services you offer such as promotions, training, management or events.

Offer links to your portfolio and even testimonials from your most prestigious clients. Imagine a client opening your mobile app and saying, “Wow, I want something like that for my company“.

Make Email Contact Easy via Mailchimp templates sign ups

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How do you get people to contact your agency when they want an ad designed or a website promoted? Past customers may forget how they reached you last time, so they go to Google and just search for agencies again. This gives them various other options to choose from instead of just going directly to your newsletters page.

When you’re done working with clients, give them your app and remind them that you have a quick Contact page for any work in the future. Incorporate a Facebook or Mailchimp sign up page to keep people updated with recent events or promotions. It’s also nice to include a map so they can come and meet with your team of professionals.

What Are You All About?

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It’s a huge waste of time if a church group comes into your agency when you typically promote bands and DJs. You probably don’t want to work with them, and they probably don’t want to work with you. Save yourself time and frustration by giving potential clients an About page that features the different services you offer. Do you provide trade show talent, model management or graphic design? Let everyone via email know so there isn’t any confusion.

Showcase Your Work with Mailchimp sign ups templates

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So you caught a company’s attention with your awesome homepage and mobile app, but what’s next? Most companies want to see a full list of your past projects. Provide a link on your homepage that leads people directly to the ads, events, videos, MAILCHIMP design newsletter and other marketing template campaigns you have worked on.

Do you think companies would rather take the time to mail you and ask for past work? No, they want to flip through their phone or tablet and explore the media you’ve created. This is great for referrals. Company A has been working with you for several years, and now they want to recommend your agency to Company B. Imagine the quick transmission of just sending a MAILCHIMP template email with a link to your mobile app portfolio.

Test different media forms and see which ones resonate best with your lists subscribers. Sometimes a video slideshow really makes your graphic design work standout. Maybe a gallery with pictures of the events you host are a nice way to get people excited about your company. All of these media types are perfect for sharing, and the more media you place on your app the more revenue you can generate for your marketing or promotions agency via MAILCHIMP email list sending service by using templates.

Do you run a marketing or Mailchimp email promotions ? Do you work with creative people to get the word out about new products or brands? Let us know in the comments if you have a mobile app. Has it helped your business? If you don’t have one yet, what’s keeping you from making one?