Original Thoughts on Marketing a Service – Based Business With an App

Are you thinking of building a marketing mobile app for your service-based business? Do you offer law, cleaning, architectural or personal security services? Maybe you cut hair or give massages. Regardless, the options are endless when it comes to marketing mobile app potential for your service.

You might only think that mobile apps are for developers who want to make funny games or photo sharing apps, but every service business has a unique opportunity to reach out to customers and improve revenues with an app. Why? Because 58 percent of all adults use their smartphone on a daily basis, so you need to reach out to these people using your marketing mobile app.

How can you boost profits with an app? Since 82 percent of people use their smartphones for maps/GPS you can give people maps on how to get to your location You might also provide a booking engine that helps users reserve a time for you to come out and deliver your service.

Many service-based companies even offer images of what something looks like after a service has been completed. Imagine sharing before and after photos of your customers after they go through your hair salon. You can use your marketing mobile app for that.

With so many options for the service industries, I wanted to put together a list of my original thoughts that might be able to help you better market your service-based business with an app. Let’s take a look.

Do Your Images Feature Your People at Work? Use Marketing Mobile App!

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Image Credit: moresheth

Yes, it’s always nice to showcase images that reveal the “after” version of your work. You might show a building you created if you are an architect or a hairstyle you are proud of in your salon, but what about the people who deliver these services using marketing mobile app?

If you run a one-person shop, have someone take photos of you at work. If you employ staff members, snap photos of them while they are hard at work. This gives people an idea of the process and shows customers the faces behind the business.

This not only personalizes your app and humanizes your business, but it reveals what people can expect if they call you for your services. For example, if you run a cleaning service, customers might choose you based on the equipment used in the photos. They can also see that your workers are treating homes with respect and working quickly to remove the mess.

What is the Easiest Way to Contact You?

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Image Credit: Clemson

It’s always wise to take a step back and figure out exactly how people prefer to contact you. Initially, you may think that most customers want to email or call you, but what if you’re wrong and you don’t know it?

Create an app with just about every contact option you can use and receive feedback from your customers to see which ones they use the most. Implement a reservation system as one of the contact forms and include both email and phone call links.

You might even realize that your customer base is rather differentiated in their contact preferences, meaning that all the options give people what they want.

Can You Share The App After Completing the Service?

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Image Credit: COD Newsroom

Since you most likely meet with your clients before you perform a service, you have a chance to market your app in-person. So, for example, after you complete a stunning hair transformation on one of your clients, mention the marketing mobile app and tell them they can receive exclusive deals by downloading it.

Give them a clear method for downloading the marketing mobile app, and explain all the benefits of doing so. Obviously, explain how the app is free and then go into details like free tips, images, promotions and contact information for when they are in a bind.

What About a QR Code?

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This ties into the previous thought, since you can always print out a QR code for people to scan when you speak with them in person. Simply place the QR code on a piece of paper and have customers scan it with their phones.

You can create a QR code in iBuildApp, then all of your customers receive a download link when they scan it.

Can You Create Customer Interaction With Happy Customer Results Media?

I’ve always found that videos and images are the best way to sell people on marketing mobile apps. Tie that into testimonials and you have a sure-fire way to sell fast.

People buy from recommendations, so think about bringing in your customers for video testimonials. You can even take a picture of the before and after from your services and overlay a testimonial text from the customer.

Marketing a service-based business with a marketing mobile app is sometimes a little trickier than selling simple products, but with the right mindset you can make it work out quite well. Large companies use marketing mobile apps to bring in lots of calls for their services, so use the thoughts and tips above to excel your service business.